What You Want Plus Consequences



So YOU gave them what they wanted, but later YOU destroyed them with a horrible disease.

~Psalms 106:15, CEV


All actions or choices have consequences and you are responsible for your actions and choices, so make them wisely.

~Holly Lisle


Psalms 106 is a running commentary on the Israelites experience in the wilderness. After seeing God deliver them is miraclous form, the Israelites forgot the awesome things that God had done for them. They became self-centered, greedy and discontent. They rejected divine counsel given through Moses and they tempted God by rebelling against His authority. Verse 43 sums up the situation, “They were determined to rebel, and their sins caused their downfall.”

Verse 15 reminds us that God will allow us to have our own way [He gave them what they wanted] but not without consequences. They wanted meat so God gave them meat [Quail] but the meat made them sick. Have you ever insisted on having your way when God was leading you to do something different? God allowed you to have your way but later the consequences lead you to regret your actions. Have you ever made up your mind that you would do a certain thing and you didn’t stop to pray, to seek God’s will because you were afraid He would not approve of what you were doing? I have pursued my own personal agenda against divine counsel and lived to regret my foolish rebellion. I am living proof that God will allow you to have your way but with your way comes the consequences of rebellion and they are not pleasant.


austin_healey_spriteI hitch-hikes my first year in college {Calhoun} and drove mothers dodge dart station wagon on the weekends. Mother told me that I needed to get my own vehicle so I began looking. One of the deacons at the church had an Austin Healey Sprite, a little two seat convertible. The car was ten or twelve years old and had a lot of miles. I tried it out and loved it. I also thought it would be a chick magnet. My daddy was totally against it: he said, “Son, the car is worn out and it will need a lot of repairs in the near future. It is a foriegn car and the parts will be expensive and you will have a problem finding someone to work on it. Don’t get this car. If you will wait, I will help you find a car.” Do you think I listened to my father? I thought he was just raining on my parade and I went ahead and got the car although the deacon raised the price $100 dollars when I went to get it. He took advantage of a kid but he too would pay later for his unethical behavior. No one could do me that way now but I was so in love with the car that I went back and got the additional $100 and bought the car. The first Sunday night, we pack four into the sprite and start to town. It quit on the first hill. The deacon on his way home from church stopped: “I forgot to tell you, it has a electric fuel pump. He showed me where the pump was, underneath the back finder, and how to tap on it with a wrench until you heard it pump.” Actually, he forgot to tell me a lot of things. Long story short, it didn’t get better. My daddy became a prophet. In less than two years, I had to junk the car because I could not afford to fix all the things that we wrong with it.


Yes, I got my way and what I thought I wanted but I had to pay the consequences. I can’t tell you how many times I regretted not listening to my father. That little red sprite made me sick and kept me broke.


  • I am a horrible golfer as Don and Ronnie will attest but I did enjoy the tournament yesterday and believe it or not, it did not hurt my back. It was my right knee that kept me awake last night, not my back. I did not complain to June. Don is a pretty good golfer and Ronnie can do anything related to sports. He is a good all around athlete and a very good coach.
  • YOU NEVER KNOW: Some lady at the tournament had read yesterday’s blog where I stated that June was going to shot Don and I if we complained. For the life of me, I can’t remember who she was but when she said, “I read your blog today,” I was blown away. It amazes me. I don’t think a single family member reads the blog and yet people walk up to me and tell me they read it and I am shocked. Who ever you are, thank you! I thank anyone that reads it.
  • AWANA KICK-OFF this Sunday night from 5:00-7:00. We will have water slides for kids and youth and Halsey hamburgers for everyone.
Reckon I could sink a putt in this hole?
Reckon I could sink a putt in this hole? Don’t bet your life on it!

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