A Degraded Nation


Righteousness raises a people to greatness; to pursue wrong degrades a nation.

~Proverbs 14:34, REB


America is great because America is good: if America ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.

~Alexis de Tocqueville

The libs insist that Tocqueville never made this statement but someone did and whoever it was, spoke truth and you and I know it. Of course the same people say that George Washington never prayed. The one thing you can count on from liberals is the lie. Their world view is founded on lies. They wouldn’t recognize truth if it bit them on the neck. But as usual, I have digressed. The point I want to make is….I love reading different translations of the Bible. Bibles are not translated by preachers or evangelist; they are translated by scholars and linguist. They are translated by folks who made 34 on their SAT the first time they took it and they are rarely translated by a single individual. In most cases, it is a team of scholars. Just think about the collective IQ in a room filled with bible scholars. I tell people all the time, reading various translation will help you understand the Bible more than commentaries. I love the Revised English Bible. I like the way it states Proverbs 14:34, a very familiar verse. The NASB translated it, Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people. The KJV uses the word reproach rather than disgrace. The New Jerusalem Bible reads, “Uprightness makes a nation great, by sin whole races are disgraced.” The REB reads, Righteousness raises a people to greatness; to pursue wrong degrades a nation.

Let me ask you one question: do you see anything that is theologically incorrect in any of these translations? They all say the same thing in a slightly different way: righteousness can make a nation great but sin will destroy any nation. Sin is destroying this nation. In the 1980’s Peter Marshall, Jr. spoke to a small group in Decatur and I was in attendance. He said then, “A part from revival or repentance, abortion and homosexuality would destroy America.” According to John MacArthur, judgment has already began and we are seeing the effects right now; sexual perversion is destroying this nation. The folks is DC are pushing for a genderless, godless, and egalitarian society where everyone is the same. It is pure and unadulterated rebellion against God.

Who created gender? Who created people differently? If God wanted one race, He would have created one. Had He wanted more than male and female, He would have created them. If God had wanted to make us all equal, he would have created us all with the same strength and intelligence. I am no equal to Einstein just as a liberal is not equal with me. No two people are alike. No two are equal. I sorry to give you the bad news but Bill Clinton and Thomas Jefferson have very little in common. Both were men and humans and that’s about it. The problem with this equality business is that it is not so and this blatant attack upon gender will not make it so. There is a reason why women are not in the NFL and NBA. God created us differently and we have different strengths and weaknesses. I can’t iron, wash clothes, or vacuum but you don’t hear me whining about equality with women. I’ll tell you up front, women are more intelligent than men but on average, they are not as strong. Verbally June has the upper hand but physically, she doesn’t stand a chance. We are not equal and thank God for it. I do not want to be married to someone who can bench 400 pounds.

Someone will probably copy, paste this blog and send it to CNN but as Rhett said, “I don’t give a dandy.” The truth is the truth. I get sick of this liberal none sense.

Great day predicted today but we better enjoy–cold weather is on the way. Would it be great if they missed it…they probably didn’t so get ready.

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