A Guide Beats A Map



Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”

~John 14:6, NLT


Trust the LORD with all your heart and He will show you the right path.



A Jack 4I know all the area hospital well and even those in Birmingham but there is something about Vanderbilt that confuses me. When I went to see Bill a couple of weeks back, he was on 3rd floor. So I go to the third floor but no cath lab. A young student nurse saw my distress and she said, “there are two towers and you are in the wrong one, you need to go…never mind, follow me, I will take you.” I looked at her with a smile and said, “A guide always beats a map.” I not only had a guide, I had an attractive guide who took me exactly where I needed to go. All I had to do was follow.

We don’t have to know the way to heaven, we only need to know Jesus: He is the way. He not just the path, He is much more: He is the transportation. He is our Ark of refuge and He will literally take us to heaven.


  • Its obvious, the media doesn’t want Trump or the Indians to win. I like Joe Buck but it is very clear that most of the TV crew is pulling for the cubs to win. I didn’t think we could win a game against this star studded line up but we have won two.
  • Gorgeous weather, if it was not so dry, this would be the Fall of all Falls. June and I went to Huntsville yesterday to see my friend Marc Crow and we stopped and shopped a little. When I walked out of the store to get the truck, I thought, “what a beautiful day!” I wore shorts and slides just like it was summer. We just need rain. We found one tree in Huntsville that was pretty. The mountains are an ugly array of brown.
  • COMMUNION in the morning and TRUNK-A-TREAT tomorrow evening 5:00-6:30. No deacons meeting this week. We start with breakfast at 9:00, then LCBS at 9:15 with worship at 10:15.

REVIVAL November 6-9

With Wade Morris

Wade Morris
Wade Morris

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