An Abominable Thing


“They built the high places of Baal…to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire to Molech, which I had not commanded them nor had it entered My mind that they should do this abomination.”

~Jeremiah 32:35, NASB


Abortion…one heart stops, another heart breaks.

~Source Unknown

One of my mother’s brothers told me some 25 years ago that I had only two sermons; one against abortion and one against homosexuality. I should note, he idolizes Jimmy Carter. He is just another “Professing Christians” that down plays the horror, the atrocity and the brutality of abortion. He is your typical dyed in the wool democrat who justifies voting for candidates that are pro-abort. No election has been more defining than the last: “Never Trumper’s” are democrats who decided to come out of the closet in protest of Trump’s immorality. They are democrats first and Christians second. They put party over principle and they are hypocrites. They all beat the same drum in unison–racism and social injustice and they all downplay the abominable practice of killing the unborn. You can spot them from a mile away. I have no use for Russel Moore and all those like him. I wasn’t high of Beth “No” Moore before all this started but I have absolutely no respect for her now.

Where a person stands on abortion defines them. Child sacrifice is an abomination to God and should be to every born again Christian. We should abhor the practice not only for what it does to the unborn but what it does to the women and what it is doing to this nation. There are no PRO-LIFE democrats and I have been voting for the lesser of evils for years. I voted for McCain, Romney and Busch and I have lost respect for all three. What choice did I have, it was either them or a baby-killing democrat. I voted for Trump thinking he was the lesser of the evils. I was convinced then and now, he cannot be as evil as Hillary. Am I shocked that he has done so well? Yes, I am and gladly so. I am glad I was wrong about Trump. I acknowledge my misjudgment but these so called “Evangelicals” who despise Trump are nothing but hypocrites. Instead of criticizing Trump and lambasting every Christian that voted for him: shouldn’t they be praying for him and his family and rejoicing over the fact that he took a bold stand for the unborn that no president, not even Reagan, had done. They are not rejoicing over his pro-life stand because they are not pro-life themselves. It is not rocket science: if you are pro-life, you vote pro-life.

Today’s blog will be considered a political rant by some but not by anyone who is pro-life. I hate politics but I love the unborn and I will not be silent.

Got a lot on my plate today so I must go. I hope you have a good day and for Pete’s sake don’t watch TV news. No wonder half the country is in a panic. I accidentally heard less than five minutes of local TV news last night and I went into a rant, a real rant: June came from the kitchen and switched the channel. They are peddling fear; it is pure propaganda. Don’t watch the mess. There are some reliable news sources on the internet but TV is not reliable.

In a hurry, don’t have time to proof, do the best you can.

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