Are YOU Lonesome Tonight?


I am lonely, like an owl living in the desert, like an owl living among old ruined buildings. I cannot sleep. I am like a lonely bird on the roof.

~Psalm 102:6-7, ERV


We are born helpless. As soon as we are fully conscious we discover loneliness. We need others physically, emotionally, and intellectually. We need them if we are to know anything, even ourselves.

~C.S. Lewis


Are you Lonesome Tonight was a huge Elvis hit in 1960. I was eleven years old at the time and not impressed. My oldest sister was a huge Elvis fan and so was one of my older brothers but I didn’t care for him or any other singer. I was into sports and had very little interest in music. None of this changed until Elvis died. I remember June and I going to the Mall in Muscle Shoals the next day after we all found out about Elvis passing; they were playing his hit song ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT over the P.A. system and it struck a chord. Suddenly, I took an interest in his life and the more I learned, the sadder it got. I found a statement in one of my devotionals the other day. It came from the USA Today just after the tragic death of Elvis…One of the house servants saw Elvis crumble up a note and throw it away just before his death…it is a series of short incomplete sentences…I feel so lonesome sometimes. The night is quiet for me. I’d love to be able to sleep. I am glad that everyone is gone now. I’ll probably not rest. I have no need for all this. Help me Lord!” Is the note accurate? Did this really happen? I don’t know: it may have happened or it may be a fabrication, we all have our views. What I am about to say offends Elvis worshippers; my oldest sister protested every time she heard me say it, but I am convinced that Elvis was lonely. Extreme wealth is not necessarily a friend. Elvis grew up poor but his talent made him wealthy over night. With all that money, he had so called friends and relatives show up; some he had never heard of and all wanting a piece of his fortune. I think the combination of wealth and fame pushed Elvin into a dark corner where he felt alienated and alone. When it comes to fame, Elvis reached a pinnacle that no other entertainer had reached.

If you question his fame; do a little research. Find out whose home or estate is visited most by the American public. It is not a president; not Mount Vernon, not Plains, Georgia and I would list Obama home town but no one knows what and where it is…remember that was top secret. In terms of fame, Elvis was indeed the king. There was no one {among mere humans} higher and that in itself created loneliness. BUT, you do not have to be famous to feel lonely. We all battle loneliness from time to time and if you ever been isolated, you will really feel it. I deal with it every week and I even experience myself at times. Here is something to keep in mind: no one was ever as lonely at Jesus on the cross. He literally became God forsaken. The good news is that you and I do not have to go through was Jesus suffered in our behalf. We will never be forsaken.


Things are not normal at our house. I didn’t sleep well, got up late and was late getting to the office and then I completely forgot to post the blog. We do appreciate the prayers for yesterday and the Ruach ha Kodesh {Spirit of Holiness} came through as He always does. I praise Father, Son and Holy Spirit today! I do not want to relive yesterday or Monday. I am glad they are gone. I do not watch news local or otherwise. I do not do Social Media at all. If you participate in those things you are apt to hear some bad misinformation. All our friends have been wonderful and I don’t pay any attention to the gossip. People who engage in gossip have too much time on their hands. Most of them need a job. They need to work with their hands and not their mouth. All that said, there is not one thing the Bailey’s or any other family can do to stop it. If I had my way, every one in my family would shut down FaceBook for good. Anyway, that is a minor problem for me. The LORD has left me here for a reason and I think it is to help others. You pray that I will be faithful to my calling.

Grace Point Family: the party tonight is actually a shower for Doug and Cindy. We are to bring gift cards. Remember, we start at 6:00.

God bless you. Thanks again for the prayers and for reading the blog.

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