Child Abuse


But Jesus called for them, saying, “Permit the children to come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”


Never, never, never hurt a child!

~Churchill/ Miller/Bailey

The mothers were bringing their infants and small children to Jesus. They just wanted Him to touch them with His blessing and the disciples starting shunning the mothers away. In the mind of the disciples, adults were more important than children and it is this very mind set that perpetuates child abuse. The history of mankind is a never-ending saga of child abuse. In some ways, it is better today but in others it is not. Abortion is the ultimate child abuse. We have advanced to some degree. The pagans threw children into the altar fires of their pagan gods. Unwanted babies were abandon in the woods where they would die from hunger, exposure or wild animals. Even in New Testament times, it was not unusual for a parent to sale a child into slavery. In ancient warfare, the children were destroyed first. The barbarians believed this destroyed the morale of their victims. Child abuse is not a thing of the past: today children are drug through our courts having to chose or be told who they will live with, either mother or daddy or in many cases grand parents. Those who suffer from joint custody, have to move every two weeks. I wish some of these judges were forced to move every two weeks. Divorce is a hurtful experience for all but I am afraid the children suffer the most. Why can’t adults put children first?

As I was reading Calvin Miller’s devotional and his comments about child abuse and the warning, “Never hurt a child,” a thought crossed my mind. How many ruthless dictators were abused as children. There is evidence that Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussein were all abused as children. When you hurt a child, they do not respond immediately because they are at a huge disadvantage but they don’t forget the abuse, ever. The hurt can turn to deep resentment and eventually to pure hate. They vow to get even, to make others suffer as they have suffered. They never let go of the hurt or pain. Of course, not all abused children cling to the hurt but it is all but impossible for them to forget what adults did to them when they were innocent children and helpless to defend themselves. I think Miller is right…Never hurt a child.

The most frightening verse in the Bible is found in Luke 17:1-2, “It is inevitable that stumbling blocks come, but woe to him through whom they come! It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble.” This scripture slaps me in the face like a chilling breeze. Our grandson has a friend, the same age, but our grandson is 6’2″ and his friend is under 5 feet. He is a big talker but in a small body. One night at a ball game I called him “Little Man,” and God convicted me on the spot. The Holy Spirit hammered me and He said loud and clear, “Never make fun of that child’s height again.” My reprimand was so stern, I haven’t made that mistake again. You may be thinking, “No big deal, Bro. Jack, you were only kidding.” Yes, I understand but at who’s expense. No, I have no animosity toward this child…absolutely none that I am aware of but you do not make fun of children. They will not forget. Hurting people hurt others. Work toward healing not hurting.


July is passing quickly just like 2023. I helped David Mote and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes work a football camp yesterday. I had an easy job…Call the teams together, have prayer and then run the clock. Noah, Rex and myself worked 8 games. I was so tired when I got home that I had to rest before I could take a shower. It was a thrill for me to get to pray and share the gospel with those young men yesterday. I want to thank David and Joe David for letting me help. I think I might have been the oldest dude there. But I attended the Central Baptist mid-week worship celebration last Wednesday at 10:30 and I was one of the youngest there. There wasn’t many below 75. I think I will go back; that made me feel really good.



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