City Of God


Yahweh loves the gates of Zion more than all the dwelling places of Jacob. Glorious things are spoken of you,
O city of God.

~Psalm 87:2-3, LSB


No man can be perfectly happy in this life.


It took Augustine 14 years to write the CITY OF GOD which was his most notable work. It is going to take me 14 months to read it. You have to have a dictionary by your side to read Augustine. Right off of the bat, I had to look up felicity which is supreme bliss. According to Augustine, there are two cities: the city of God and the city of the world; Zion and Baylon. He goes all the way back to Genesis where Cain loved the world but Abel loved God. His book is an endless list of comparisons between the two cities. One is holy and the other is unholy. One is temporary and the other is eternal. One is heavenly and the other is worldly. One is subject to God and the other is a rival in rebellion against God. One is peaceful and the other is quarrelsome. One lives by truth and the other propagates the lie. One city is just and the other cruel. In one men live to please God and in the other, they live to please themselves. One city values humility and the other extols pride. One promotes generosity and the other greed. One loves and serves his neighbor and other subjugates and rules his neighbor. One is justified {has a bright future} and the other is condemned. You have to be born twice to be a citizen in the city of God but born only once to be in the city of man. Christ is the King of one and the devil is the prince of the other. Folks this is just a few of the comparisons: there are many more but unfortunately I did not highlight them all.

Augustine lived during the height of the Roman Empire who prided itself on law and order and justice for all. It was a high and noble ideal but one they could not live up to. There was a lot of corruption and injustice in the Roman Empire. Jesus trial and execution is proof that Roman Justice was at times very unjust. The point is this: man cannot, due to his fallen nature, live up to the ideals he pursues. Justice would be a great thing for any society and yet no nation or empire has ever produces or practiced pure justice. The same thing can be said about the United States that is said about Rome. Our original goal was liberty and justice for all but our liberties are eroding quickly and we have corrupted true justice with “social” justice. Social is a synonym for man. Social is of, or relating to rank and status in society. Social justice is man’s form of justice which is no more just than the Romans. What modern libs have done is replace God’s justice with man’s.

There are a lot of beautiful sights in this world and most of us have experience a lot of joy and happiness in this world but it is not the real deal and it will never satisfy us perfectly. Abraham was always looking for the city of God. Although he was rich, he was never satisfied and never felt at home in this world. He felt like a alien or a stranger.



Sorry about yesterday. Something got my stomach going Monday evening and I was up all night. I was able to eat a little yesterday evening and this morning I feel fine, PTL.  I go to see Dr. Harrison in Pullman in a few minutes so today will not be routine either. I am planning to preach on Psalm 144 tonight at the POINT. I don’t preach at all this Sunday. Josh is preaching Sunday morning and Scott Dawson Sunday night. Pray for the YOUTH RALLY this Sunday night at 6:30. Pizza Party behind the church at 6:00. We are meeting at East Highland Baptist Church.

I hope you have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.

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