A Donkey Or A White Horse


He will judge the world with justiceĀ and rule the nations with fairness.

~Psalm 9:8, NLT


It doesn’t matter who is president; CHRIST is KING.

~Source Unknown


I think that most believers are convinced that David is referring to Jesus the Messiah in Psalm nine: He will rule the world in truth and grace and make the nations free. We are coming to one world government but Jesus is going to be the Governor. There is a movement, a strong movement unfortunately, to make the world one but there is a problem with their plan; they are leaving Jesus completely out of the equation. Many Jews, over 90 percent reject Jesus as the Messiah, the Prince of Peace. It took a while but most of have figured out that there will be two advents: Jesus came as the LAMB OF GOD to take away our sins and He will come again as THE LION OF JUDAH to judge and establish His rule on earth. His kingdom is coming and His will is going to be done on earth. The Jews as a whole rejected the idea of a SUFFERING SERVANT, an humble King riding on a donkey and preaching peace. They wanted a WARRIOR KING riding a white stallion talking war. Their image of the Son of David was a powerful warrior king followed by a huge army that would crush any opponent. They believed this king would disembowel the Roman Empire and become the power that would rule the world. Their hearts were set on ruling, not serving.

With the exception of the common Jew and the Messianic Jew which may make up the majority, I think the Jews still believe they will rule the world and they are not including Christ in their plans. My belief is that Jesus will rule and His followers may have responsibilities in His government but the Jews a part from Christ, will not rule this world. They have the wealth and they are creating new monopolies everyday to gain more wealth but they are Christ haters. Most of them do not even believe in God. They have not only left Jesus out of their plans; they plan to take His place. Instead of Jesus ruling, they will rule. They have removed God and inserted themselves in His place. This is going on in America right now: they take God out and put themselves in His place.

Are we guilty of the same thing? Are we riding a donkey or a stallion? Are we serving or ruling? Are we emissaries of peace or trouble makers promoting strife? Have we washed any feet lately? You cannot do it with out humbling yourself before them. Could it be that we are too proud to humble ourselves and serve our fellowman? You have to get low to wash feet. You have to get on your hands and knees and that is not easy for a 47 year old. You can’t look down on people when you are washing their feet. Folks I have to confess my sin; I don’t mind serving those I love but I’m not getting much of a thrill out of serving Washington D.C. I do find with those who love Jesu and appreciating His sacrifice but these Christ hating humanist get on my nerves. I’ll be glad when Jesus comes on the white horse and set things straight.


August has been unbelievable. Rain every day and the high so far is 93 and it is going back down into the 80″s this week.TYJ. Good day yesterday and praise the LORD for it. I hope you have a great week and thanks for reading the blog.

Related to the Blog and Jesus be hailed as the KING of KINGS, I got a video clip, ladies you may not want to watch it, but it doesn’t have any violence. Maximus {the gladiator} was a General in Marcus Aurelius army. Marcus Aurelius was murdered by his sick and pathetic son Commodus who in tern sold Maximus into slavery and murdered Maximus wife and son. You have to understand. These Hollywooders do not have any idea what they have done but picture Jesus as Maximus: notice the shock when he reveals himself to the father’s enemies but more so, notice the praise and adulation. All I am saying is: when Jesus returns, folks are going to be shocked but He is going to be praise by the entire world. I just hope I am in the stands.

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