David, A Type of Christ


The Philistines abandoned their idols there, and David and his men carried them off.

~ 2 Samuel 5:21 (CSB)


No matter who is president; Jesus is KING.

~Image Quotes

I am currently reading the Christian Standard Bible by Holman. It is a revised edition to the original Holman Christian Standard Version. I’m reading backwards and I’m on 2 Samuel which means I have eight books to go. I am amazed at God’s word as I discover so many things that I’ve not seen before. I guess, some of this could be attributed to my senior adult mind and my forgetfulness but the bigger issue to me is the incredible depth of God’s word. It is a river so deep that no man, not even a scholar, can find the bottom. On this particular read I have come to realize that David, flaws and all, was a type of Christ. We have to be careful in dealing with Types. Types are comparisons that cannot be pushed too far or we end up with a heresy or perversion. The Psalms of David are filled with both Types and prophecies. I came across another in I Samuel 5:21 yesterday. David conquered all of Israel’s enemies. He was the only king to subdue all of Israel’s foes. The Philistines were uncircumcised heathens who symbolize the unbelieving world. They were pagan idol worshipers and David defeated them. There defeat was so convincing that they abandoned their idols which was their faith, or their religion. This foreshadows Jesus, King of kings, returning to the earth as the Lion of Judah and defeating all those who oppose HIM. When this happens, the world will abandon their idols. Let me share one more that popped into my mind while I was praying. David was anointed years before he actually became the king. Since we do not know his exact age when Samuel anointed him, we don’t know how many years he waited to become the actual king. My guess  would be a decade or a little more. Who is running the world at present? I think we all agree that Satan, the prince of this world and of darkness in on the throne [at least in the minds of the unbelieving world] but Jesus the Anointed KING, the rightful KING is coming and He will become the actual KING.

Just as there was an interim with David, so there is with us.God anointed Jesus to be our KING in the first advent but He will become the actual KING in the second advent. We are living in this waiting period. It is going to happen folks. This truth is posted all over scripture. Jesus is the Anointed King, the rightful king and He will rule and reign without opposition some day. He will subdue all enemies. No one will threaten His rule or reign. Hallelujah, come LORD Jesus. Let Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth just as it is in heaven. It will happen folks: His kingdom will come because He has all the POWER. God has given all authority to Jesus. So, it is HIS kingdom, accomplished by HIS power and that means HE gets all the glory. Amen! If this don’t ring your bell, your clapper is broke or rusted.


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