Dismiss Your Fears


But the angel said to the women, “As for you, dismiss your fears, I know that it is Jesus you are looking for.”

Matthew 28:4, Weymouth


Worry is a spasm of the emotions: the mind catches hold of something and will not let it go.

~Chuck Swindoll

Worry, dread and fear can cause a brain spasm. You get something on your mind, real or imaginary, and you cannot let it go. When the brain goes into a spasm, it ceases to be productive. One of the things that made Winston Churchill a great leader was his balance. He took up painting as a pastime. It was a hobby that became a passion. He understood that if he was to maintain his sanity amidst the conflict and turmoil of WWII, he had to have a distraction, a break and painting got his mind off of the problems of state. I think Churchill was wise, you can’t think theology 24-7. You cannot worry about your problems constantly. The brain, like the body, needs a rest. Whereas it is impossible to stop thinking, we can redirect our thoughts. Some people turn to recreation; others turn to a hobby. My venue of escape {one of them} is to get on the tractor or to work in the garden.

I finished the Weymouth translation yesterday and I found this word ‘dismiss’ used twice in Matthew 28. First the angels said to the women, “dismiss your fears,” and then Jesus said to the women, “dismiss all fear.” The NASB renders it, “do not be afraid.” The KJV reads “fear not Ye.” Dr. Taylor rendered it, “don’t be frightened,” and Petersons translates it, “there is nothing here to fear.” I can’t find another translation or paraphrase that is close to Weymouth. I do like it! It stirred my mind and imagination. Dismiss your fears! Speak to them and tell them to go. “Fears, I really don’t need your company right now so why don’t you guys take a hike.” Is it even possible to command your fears to begone? Why would Jesus and the angel say such a thing if it were not possible? Basically, Jesus is saying, “let your fears go.” Don’t cling to them–dismiss them.

I know you are familiar with Zig Zigler’s acronym on FEAR: False Emotions Appearing Real. Just this past week, I had two experiences where my peace was temporarily disturbed by fearful thoughts. One was so disturbing that it interrupted my prayer time. After a few minutes of utter futility, I realized that the devil had played a trick on me and I dismissed the fears. The second one was plain paranoia; I thought someone was upset with me when nothing could have been further from the truth; they were actually upset with someone else. It was just one more reminder not to make a mountain out of a mole hill. We can let our fears and insecurities ruin our lives; we have to dismiss them in Jesus name.


Crazy weather in a crazy world. Don was telling me last night about the demonstration in London. The group were protesting for global warming or climate change. The demonstrators were ¬†wearing their birthday suits. Now you know why I don’t watch news on TV. On the way to church, June said they have changed the forecast, we have a 40% chance of rain. Matter of fact my phone says it is raining. Her phone was wrong. On the way home she said, they have lowered the temps for next week. This morning she said, “Now they have raised them again; it is going to be over 100 the next three days.” We have limbs in the yard today from a storm last night: a storm with no rain. I can imagine life without shade trees and A/C. Thank You Jesus for electricity and A/C.

LORD willing, I am going to Clements today to watch the boys play basketball. Gone are the days when kids get out for the summer. Josie has VB practice and Mylee is working out for CC. Holly is at camp with the kids.

We were back up last night after several weeks of low attendance. Youth getting ready for camp. God bless you; have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.

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