Don’t Rock The Boat


The messenger who had gone to summon Micaiah said to him, “Look, the other prophets without exception are predicting success for the king. Let your word agree with theirs, and speak favorably (Don’t rock the boat).”

~2 Chronicles 18:12, NIV


Thinking is an enemy of the Status Quo: people who think for themselves are apt to do something different.

~M.J. Wheatley

My rule of thumb is–“If it aint broke, don’t try to fix it but if it aint working, try something different.” It is true that I have failed at a lot of things but so did Thomas Edison. I am just not a Status Quo kind of person, I have never been. I didn’t want the LORD to call me to preach but when He did, I vowed to be different. Jehoshaphat was one of Judah’s good kings. In my book he ranks in the top four. He loved the scripture and he sent the Levites to every village in Judah so they could teach the law of Moses to the people. He did a lot of great things but he did have one very bad weakness. He was friends with Ahab and even allowed his son to marry Ahab’s pagan daughter. Jehoshaphat committed his resources and troops to help Ahab recover Ramoth in Gilead. Jehoshaphat would not go into battle without spiritual counsel. Ahab called in his false prophets and all 400 said, “Go, God will give you success.” Jehoshaphat knew that if 400 preachers agreed on anything something had to be wrong so he ask, “Is there a prophet of the LORD here?” Ahab said, “There is one but I hate him because he never says anything good about me.” Jehoshaphat scolded Ahab, “You must not think like that, call this man, I want to hear what he has to say.” The text above is the messenger words to Micaiah {the LORD’s prophet}. In the JEV, the messenger said, “Listen Micaiah, you know the king doesn’t like you to begin with so why not go along with the others. Just agree with them–don’t rock the boat.Micaiah looked at him and said, “I will say whatever the LORD tells me to say.”

Long story short: Micaiah did not flow with the status quo–He told Ahab the truth–“If you go, you will not return.” Ahab went into a rage and had Micaiah thrown into prison. He told Micaiah, “I will deal with you when I return.” Micaiah said, “If you return, I am just another lying preacher but you are not going to return.” History tells us that Micaiah was right: Ahab was killed in battle by the aimless nameless bowman. A soldier shot an arrow randomly and it hit Ahab in the crevice of his armor. I feel like Micaiah; I’ve had people coaching me to go along with the status quo all my life. I have been counseled more than once to hang it up, give up and give in. May we always be willing to try something new and Fresh.

I waited too long to start my extra and now I am sleepy. Have a great day.

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