When Failure Is Final


Jehoram was 32 years old when he became king [Judah] and he ruled 8 years in Jerusalem. He died and no one felt sad. He was buried in Jerusalem but not in the royal cemetery.

~2 Chronicles 21:20, CEV


Death is not a tragedy; to waste a life before one dies, that is the tragedy.

~Orson Scott

Jehoram was blessed with a good father and grandfather. Asa and Jehoshaphat were the only back to back good kings in Judah’s sorted history. Jehoshaphat, Jehoram’s father, was an outstanding king. He was loved by the people. Jehoshaphat loved bible study and worship and he was a man of extraordinary faith. Jehoshaphat was also wealthy from the gifts that people gave him and before he died he divided his riches among his seven sons and gave each of them a city of their own but he made Jehoram, his eldest, the king. Obviously, Jehoshaphat didn’t know his son or have any idea what a tyrant he would become. Jehoram was a horrible king. His alliance with Ahab [married his daughter] had completely corrupted him. As soon as Jehoshaphat died, Jehoram had all of his brothers executed and all of them were better men than Jehoram.

Jehoram was king for only eight years. He came down with an intestinal disease and died a painful death. The Arabs invaded Judah and killed all Jehoram’s sons except Ahaziah who became Judah’s next king. Jehoram was a worthless and self-centered individual who never thought of anyone other than himself. He died at the age of 40 and no one grieved him. I suppose that included his wicked wife Athaliah who had encouraged him to do evil. Jehoram was so unpopular that they buried him without a funeral. Usually the death of king meant a State funeral ut with Jehoram there was no pomp, no circumstance, just planted his body in the ground, but not in the royal cemetery among the kings. I understand, the world will not stop turning with I get promoted but I would like a Celebration of Life Service and at least a tear or two be shed. Where there is no grief, there is no love. Jehoram was so despicable that everyone was relieved when he died.

You know how wonderful it feels to work on a project all day and finish with everything working as it should. Well yesterday, I worked all day on a project I had been dreading and at the end of the day, it did not work. I was so disappointed. Hey that is life: you win some and you lose some. It was a Murphy’s law day for me: The light at the end of the tunnel was an oncoming freight train and I got pulverized.

Need rain desperately but love the cool weather. Be fine with me if it stayed this way all summer.

What has happened to the SBC? I didn’t think Bill Clinton could be elected. I was wrong. I didn’t think Obama had a prayer when it came to be elected president. I was wrong again. I didn’t think same sex marriage would become the law of the land: again I was wrong. If you had told me that the SBC would be hijacked by a group of Social Justice freaks I would have said, you are nuts. Theological liberals, I could see that happening, it has happened before but Marxist who call themselves Christians; I would have never dreamed. These folks sound just like democrats. They want the wealth shared and they want laws that force people like me to give them our 401-Ks. Now we know this is where Obama was headed, but these folks profess to be Christians. They say they are pro-life but they are not really. They are calling out preachers like me who they say are alienating the left but what if a lost person who voted for TRUMP walked into one of their churches? Would they not be offended by their rhetoric? There are many races, not just two but in the minds of these social justice warriors, there is only the oppressed black and the privileged white. If I was black, I would be offended by these folks. They treat them as if their are entitled; that they are incapable of helping themselves. They may be right about one thing: they say “Racism” is the number one problem in America and after hearing J.D. Greear racist speech, they may be right. These folks are racist.

They have already used taxes as a way to take from the rich and give to the poor but that is not enough: they want it all. That is if you are white: you have to be among the privileged for the taking of your wealth to be socially just. I like Michael Jordon and I’m not associating him with these folks, but they are not talking about taking Michael’s money [and they shouldn’t], nor the rich Jews like Bloomberg and Soros. They will only confiscate the accounts of the privileged which is code for white males. If that is racism, I don’t know what you call it. This country is filled with nuts and so is the SBC. There is going to be massive exodus if changes are not made. They could start with Al Mohler resigning.

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  1. Brother Jack, the Methodist faced a similar problem with their over large organization and we prayed for this and it worked out but only because we had a large group of people from Africa, that is to vote and now we don’t have to marry gays and have this other very unpopular things to do. So take heart it may not be over yet.

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