Everybody’s Trash


Up to this moment we have become the world’s garbage. We are everybody’s trash.

~I Corinthians 4:13, NIrV


The value of any product is determined by the price someone is willing to pay.


Paul was speaking to the Corinthians when he made the above comment. The great Apostle understood the world’s lack of appreciation for followers of Christ. If you crave recognition, notoriety and fame, you don’t need to become a disciple of Christ. You may think that Paul is overstating the facts but I would have to disagree: the world does not think highly of Christians. As a matter of fact, they are prone to trash us. Let me give you some examples.

C.S. Lewis is in my opinion the greatest Christian apologist since Apollos. If he is not number one, he is very close to the top. C.S. Lewis died on November 22, 1963. Does this date ring a bell? On the same day, three men of renown died within a few hours of each other: C.S. Lewis, John F. Kennedy and Aldous Huxley. I can remember the Kennedy assassination and I don’t remember anything being said about Lewis. Matter of fact, I was out of Seminary before I knew that C.S. Lewis existed. There was a big to do concerning Kennedy’s death but C.S. Lewis was not mentioned. As we look back, which man is the greatest? Who’s books are being read today? Who is quoted more often? It is not John Kennedy. Time will not diminish the greatest of C.S. Lewis; it will enhance his greatness.

On August 31, 1997 Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu passed away. I remember this day very well. It was also the day that Princess Diana was killed in a car crash. I remember where I was when I heard the news of Diana’s death on the radio. For days and weeks, we heard about Diana but nothing was said about Agnes who was better known as Mother Teresa. Agnes was a Catholic Nun who devoted her life to helping others. She ministered to the dying on the streets of Calcutta, India. Agnes {Rosebud in the Albanian language} was small in statue but had a rock solid faith and she gave her life to serving the needs of others. Princess Diana was a mere celebrity going from one social function to another. My favorite memory of Mother Teresa was the rebuke she gave Bill Clinton at a White House prayer breakfast. The little woman had the courage of a lion. On national TV, she rebuked the president of the United States for promoting abortion and she didn’t stutter.

The world has an inverted sense of value. The world values things that are not really important and they devalue what is essential. They have a pig and dog-like sense of taste. Give them the sacred and they will rip it to pieces like a cur dog. Cast them a pearl and they will trample it in the mud like a hog.

This Day In 2000

February 6, 2000 was on a Sunday. I visited Penny Atchly in the Hospital {HH} but I can’t remember Penny. We made Traci Prater the teacher of our Single Adults in LCBS. I began the Winter Bible Study at Sardis Springs on Sunday night and had supper with Jerry and Dian Newby afterwards.

We had 20 SENIORS at our Senior Bowl Party. We went to Greenbriar for catfish and BBQ. Judy ordered their ribs and they were good: I got a sample. June’s LCBS class loves this restaurant. They have the best hush puppies in the world. I want to thank Charles for driving the van. Our next Senior function  is on April 14 {Good Friday} and it will be a fish fry. I just need a starting time. I am thinking about 4:00 pm. We will be eating crappie courtesy of Keith Jenkins.

June and I watched the second half of the Super Bowl. We didn’t care that much one way or the other. Alabama had players on both sides of the ball. Jones made a great play and so did Hightower. I had picked Atlanta by two touchdowns and I thought I was going to be right but you can not relax when you are up against a crafty veteran. Atlanta should have run the ball and kicked the field goal. When Ryan dropped back to pass, I was saying, “no, no” and sure enough the worse thing that could happen other than a turnover was a sack and that did it. Atlanta had the game and they blew it. Hey, I did not lose any sleep over this one.

I loved the Kia commercial with Melissa saving the whales, the trees, ice caps and Rhinos. It is hilarious. The liberals will be protesting this one.


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