The Profile Of A Liberal


God is truly good to Israel. He is good to those who have pure hearts.

~Psalm 73:1, NIrV


No one else will ever love you like Jesus and your response should be to love Jesus like no one else.


I love reading the NIV readers edition. You must check out this translation and read Hebrews 12 when you do–you will be blessed. Yesterday morning I read Psalm 73 out of the NIrV and suddenly m eyes caught sight of a portrait of a liberal. These character traits that I have extracted came straight from the scripture with no editing on my part; they begin in verse 6 and go through verse 11.

  1. They wear pride like a necklace.
  2. They put on meanness as if it were their clothes.
  3. Many sins come out of their hard and stubborn hearts.
  4. There is no limit to their proud and evil thoughts.
  5. They laugh at others and speak words of hatred.
  6.  They warn others about the harm they can do to them. [protesters]
  7.  They brag as if they owned heaven itself. They talk as if they controlled the earth.
  8. So people [the world] listen to them. They lap up their words like water.
  9. They say, “How can God know what we’re doing?”
  10. They say, “Does the Most High God really know that much?”

Is this amazing or what!

King David let the liberals get under his skin. It is easy to do because they are proud, prosperous [in cases] and full of incessant propaganda but then he contemplated their end. Liberalism is a dead end street; yea, it is more, it is a dead end with an abyss. They may prosper for a time but they will be suddenly destroyed. Those who rebel against the Almighty cannot hope to win. David felt betrayed by the world when he wrote this song, he says in verses 25-26, I don’t have anyone in heaven but YOU. I don’t want anything on earth besides YOU. My body and my heart may grow weak. God, you give strength to my heart. You are everything I will ever need. That pretty well sums it up. You can trust Jesus. No one else ever loved you the way He does and our response should be to love HIM like no one else. I love Jesus and my greatest need is to love Him more.


I visited Clovis Puckett and Bluett Wallace. Mrs. Mary Sue Thompson had surgery. She is Peggy Lindsey’s mother. All have been promoted except Peggy.

Holly and Heath joined us for lunch yesterday. Holly had me a new joke. What do you call a bunny rabbit wearing a kilt? Give up? Answer: Hop-Scotch. Heath didn’t think the story of the bunny was funny. It is a generational thing I suppose. GOLDEN GIRLS this morning. We did not cancel due to cold weather–we are on ladies. Senior Adults {all drawing Social Security} we are having our Senior Bowl Party early because we like to get in before dark when possible. We meet at the church parking lot at 4:00. We are going to Greenbriar and it is Dutch Treat. They do have a big screen TV.

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