Facing The Giants


“Let’s go at once to take the land,” Caleb said, “We can certainly conquer it!”But the other men…disagreed. “We can’t go up against them! They are stronger than we are!”

~Numbers 33:30-31, NLT


“Unless we have an overcoming faith, we shall be consumed by the giants in our path.”

~Charles E. Cowman

The Israelites faced a crisis of faith; their senses told them they could not overcome the giants, God told them they could. You and I face these crisis all the time: do we trust God and obey Him or do we walk in the light of our own fire. I am understanding more and more, a lot of our sin boils down to pure unbelief. The ten unbelieving spies saw obstacles, Caleb and Joshua saw opportunities. The ten unbelievers said, “They will eat us for lunch,” but Caleb and Joshua said, “No, they are bread to us.” The unbelievers pedaled panic, they said WE CAN’T: Caleb and Joshua encouraged faith, they said, “WE CAN.” My mother had a strong word for excuses; especially “I can’t.” She would say, “Can’t never does anything.” She was right: winners never quit and quitters never win. Bend your back, get under your burden and pull, walk or stand. “I can’t” is not a legitimate excuse until you have tried with all your heart and might.

The ten unbelieving spies may have exaggerated a bit but the sons of Anak {Nephilim} were giants. Og was one of the Nephilim and his coffin was 13 and a half feet long and six feet wide. Folks, that is a big man. Goliath was over nine feet tall but Og may have been in the neighborhood of twelve. He would have to look down to dunk a basketball. An interesting thought popped into my mind as I meditated on this passage, there were no giants in the wilderness. Canaan is not a metaphor for heaven, it is a picture of the victorious Christian life. There will be no warfare in heaven. Canaan is the land of opportunity but it is littered with giants. The easy and cowardly thing to do is to retreat into the wilderness where there are no giants but there are no opportunities to advance there either. Most of us prefer compromise to conflict. We take ease and comfort over crawling out on the end of the limb and plucking some fruit. God can’t deliver us out if we lack the courage to jump in. Peter got wet but he also got a miracle. Unfortunately, most Baptist are boat people. We set tight in fear with our hands glued to the gunnels, we refuse to move out of our comfort zone and we miss the opportunity to conquer our fear and to walk on top of the circumstances that has put the fear in our heart.

Attack the giants. Yes they are much bigger than you or I but they are nothing to Jesus. If you cringe and cower, they will have you for lunch. You can do like the Israelites: instead of facing them, you can regress, you can retreat to a place where they are not a problem. When people do not want to be persecuted, they compromise. This is what Israel did and it is what we do.

June got a copy of the EPOCH Times in the mail and I glanced over it: according to the times, large cities are losing policemen by the hundreds. NY City is down 1,500 from 2020. Chicago is down 700 and L.A. is down 600. Georgia is conducting a secret 2020 ballot review where there is massive evidence of voter fraud. Biden is beefing up the IRS, adding as many as 80,000 new jobs and expanding their power {which is already frightening}. CRT will be taught in public schools through the Social Studies program. Social Studies is an invention of John Dewey. It is basically a propaganda tool of the left. I also came across a college professor named Howard Zinn, an American historian, playwright, philosopher, and socialist thinker. He was chair of the history and social sciences department at Spelman … Zinn was born to a Jewish immigrant family in Brooklyn. He is a marxist and big proponent of CRT. One other item: more plagiarism from the SBC president. It has reach the pathetic stage and he should resign. In my almost 72 years, I have never seen anything like it. This fiasco has blown my mind.

We got no rain and my sweet potatoes need a rain. I know some of you got a shower yesterday but we got nothing. Today is the last day of the first semester of 2021 and granny-T’s birthday, I think she is 74 {47}. We will find out in two weeks whether we are getting a girl or a boy. Have a great day!

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