Feeling Vexed


Have mercy upon me, O LORD; for I am weak: O LORD, heal me; for my bones are vexed.

~Psalm 6:2, AV


Jesus loves YOU and there is nothing you can do about it.

~Junior Hill

Psalm 6 is the first of seven penitential Psalms and Dr. Wiersbe thinks the setting is the rebellion of Absalom, a very difficult time for David physically and emotionally. There is a Hebrew word [bä·hal’] that is used three times in this Psalm and the AV translates it the same all three times: the AV translates it ‘vexed.’ The Hebrew word bä·hal’ means faint, weak, troubled, vexed, afraid or dismayed. To vex someone you annoy or nettle them. You try to stir their anger by antagonizing them. In other words, you ‘ruffle their feathers,’ or ‘rattle their cage.’ In the Greek version of the O.T. {Septuagint} the word is translated tarasso which is the same word used to describe Jesus emotional state in John 12:27 where Jesus says, “Now my soul is deeply troubled,” or vexed. Jesus went on to say, “Should I pray, ‘Father save Me from this hour? But this is the very reason I came.'” The same word is used in Matthew 26:38, “My soul is crushed [vexed] with grief to the point of death.” Jesus was vexed. Jesus was not afraid but He was filled with dread, He was troubled and He was experiencing physical weakness. He was feeling the weight of our sins which is expressed in the NLT where it says He was “Crushed with grief.”

Someone asked me about retirement yesterday and I told them: “Technically, I have been retired since January 1, 2017 but actually I told Joe David to take the reins two weeks before Christmas and immediately I began feeling the pressure abate. It was like a weight had been taken off my back.” There are going to be some critics who will scoff at what I just said but Joe David will not be one of them. He understands the burden of being the pastor. As the cross loomed closer and closer, Jesus felt the weight of our sins increasing: in other words, His burden grew greater until he was vexed, deeply troubled or crushed. Note also that David said, my bones are vexed.” When the ancients referred to the bones, they were talking about the inner man, the part that is hidden below the surface. Jesus may have appeared fine on the outside but on the inside, He was hurting. He asked His disciples to pray with Him but they went to sleep. This happened just after He told them He was deeply troubled. Obviously, they could not see His pain because they went to sleep. Don’t misunderstand, it was not Satan who vexed Jesus, it was our sin.

Yes, it was our sins that crushed Jesus but God is merciful and gracious. The death of His son was His redemptive plan to save us from our sins. Sin is a powerful and destructive force, left to itself it can destroy humans, churches, communities, nations and yes, even the entire planet. Thank God for His intervention.

Very unusual day yesterday. I saw something that I had never seen before. The Hartselle police and the deputy leading the funeral procession took off without the hearse. I was waiting for Geoff to walk by and tap our window which is what he always does but the police turned on their lights and took off. Geoff was still at the funeral home talking. He wasn’t even in the hearse. I held back as much as possible but there was a 100 yard gap between me and the deputy. Geoff could have put the peddle to the metal but you know funeral home directors, they never hurry. He finally caught up a mile or so down the road.

Larry Garner is back in HH and he is still not eating. I wish I could give him part of my appetite: he would need it all. By the way, our pastor did a great job at the service yesterday and I want to thank all of those who helped with the food especially Holly who made sure everything was in place. Laura Vest daddy, Melvin Shrood is very sick. I visited with Melvin yesterday evening. I know Laura would appreciate you praying for her dad. Aunt Tee and I are off to HH this morning and Joe David, Big L and I will be doing Christmas visitation in Athens this evening. We have altered our tradition. I will be visiting in the Danville area on Christmas Eve Eve. The BAILEY CHRISTMAS is tonight and so we are killing two birds with one stone.

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