Merry Christmas


And Christ became a human being and lived here on earth among us and was full of grace and truth.

~John 1:14, Living New Testament


We are never more like God than when we are giving.

~C. S. Lewis

I love CHRISTMAS, always have and probably always will. It’s not just the gifts, it is the fact that God became man. Without Christmas, we would not have a Savior. Without Christmas December would be just another cold dark damp winter month. Without Christmas, we would be living in a world of darkness. But Jesus came as a revelation of truth and love. He made it crystal clear just how much God loves us and He expressed this truth in John 3:16. We cannot comprehend the infinite gap between God and man. Would you become a rat to save all the rats? I wouldn’t want to give up the comforts of my humble abode to live in holes in the ground or walls in a building. How would you life to live in constant fear of some big cat that is 40 times your size or be swallowed by a snake or beat to death by some human? Plus, I just would not want to die for rats. Jesus gave up the glory of heaven and came to this hate-filled sin-cursed world. That condescension was greater than you and I becoming a rat.

I was talking to a mom this week who had mildly rebuked her son saying, “Son is that the attitude Jesus would have?” He said, “I don’t know whether you have noticed or not, but I am not Jesus and I cannot measure up to His standards.” I told her, “The boy is right, no one measures up to His standards and the sad thing is: some actually think they do.” The older I get the more I see and feel the weight of my sins. I have not just come short of the perfection we see in Christ, I have come exceedingly short but the GOOD NEWS is: I am not saved by my righteous; I am saved by His. I have no doubt: not even one–SALVATION IS BY GRACE. Therefore, Christmas is a time for us to rejoice because He cared and because He cared, He came and He became.

I am going to take a CHRISTMAS BREAK. I will resume the blog January 1, LORD willing. We made visits in Limestone Country yesterday and we will be visiting Nursing Homes AND Senior Adults in Danville today. Late this evening I have to switch gears and prepare that 10 minutes see sermon for Sunday morning. My first opt to relax will be Sunday evening. It has been one of those weeks where we have gone none stop and my mind and body are tired. God bless you! Thank you for reading. I hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.


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