How long will you who are simple love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge?

~Proverbs 1:22, NIV


A fool is a person who lacks good sense or judgment which results in stupid behavior.

~Daniel Webster

A proverb {masal} is a poetic, incisive, brilliant and thought provoking statement that conveys a ton of truth in a very few words. A proverb is neither an absolute command or a promise: it is a nugget of truth that needs thought and meditation. It’s like a hard piece of candy that you put in your mouth: it is too hard to crunch, you simply let it dissolve over time. The Proverbs are laced with WISDOM and the opposite of WISDOM is FOOLISHNESS. In our society, the word fool is used loosely and is little more than an insult but in Solomon’s world it was much more than an insult. A fool is a person who is out of touch with reality. They attempt to create their own reality and as a result, they make life miserable for themselves and everyone around them. We cannot treat our bodies any way we please without consequences and the same goes for the way we treat people. If everyone is your family lives selfishly, it will hurt your family. The same is true of society as a whole. Once a culture is saturated by selfish people, society begins to breakdown. The world becomes little more than dog eat dog.

The fool ignores reality. They do not abide by the law, nor do they stay within prescribed boundaries. They do not pay attention to the NO TRESPASSING signs. These boundaries are woven into the fabric of the universe but fools do not recognize these boundaries. They foolishly plunge ahead into their self-indulgence ignoring all the cautions. When they begin to sink in the mire of their rebellion, they blame others rather than confessing their utter foolishness. You don’t need a bible verse to tell you not to smoke or use tobacco. You need enough sense to recognize the consequences. Of course, a part of the fools make up is the illusion that they are an exception to the rule. King David did something very foolish because he thought he was an exception: God taught him otherwise. He was not an exception and neither are we–that would be–you and me!

I got me a fitbit yesterday. I’m hoping it will encourage me to walk more. Sometimes I sit for 4-5 hours without moving about. I’ve done 414 last night. This one also counts calories. I did check on Clyde Gillott yesterday and he is very low. He is not responding and he has little or no kidney output. I know the family would appreciate your prayers.

DBC feed the homeless last night and Grace Point is feeding Thursday. June has baked enough cookies for an army. I have to go to the dentist this morning {Wednesday}. Woopee!

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