Freedom Of Speech


I, the LORD, speak the truth; I declare what is right.

~Isaiah 45:19, NIV


A lie does not become truth, no matter how many times you tell it. Evil does not become good, simply because it is accepted by the majority.

~ Booker T. Washington

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was a communist living in Russia. He was an author by trade but one day he made the mistake of criticizing Stalin in a private conversation with a person he thought was a friend. His friend betrayed him and Aleksandr became a dissident over night and was arrested and sentenced to eight years in a gulag labor camp in Siberia. The purpose of the labor camps was to retrain dissidents and turn them into obedient communist. Their plan of converting Solzhenitsyn back fired. Solzhenitsyn got sick and required surgery. His surgeon was a Christian who was there for standing against communism. He shared the gospel with every one in the camp. He over heard the guards making plans to execute him. His last surgery was on Solzhenitsyn, they gave Solzhenitsyn his pre-opt shot making him groggy, but Boris Nicholayevich Kornfeld {surgeon} went ahead and shared the plan of salvation with young Aleksandr. Later that night the guards beat Borris to death with their riffle butts. He died without knowing that Aleksandr heard every single word and responded in his heart. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn became a believer with an incredible faith. The communist were never able to reeducated Aleksandr.

Theodore Dalrymple was a medical doctor, psychiatrist and cultural critic who worked in such prisons where people were being punished for disagreeing with the party platform. He said, “The purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade, convince or to inform: it was to humiliate and intimidate. When people are intimidated and feel forced to be silent, it destroys their sense of probity {integrity}.

Political correctness has the same goal. Christian are to remain silent and if they don’t there will be consequences. In Russia, a dissenter was quickly labeled psychologically damaged and in need of treatment. Those who challenged the communist party were declared mentally incompetent and sent to Asylums where they were tortured, reeducated and sometimes murdered. Marxism is an idealistic pipe dream that intentionally leaves God out of the equation. Marxism is flawed: it denies man’s sinful nature and the objective truth taught in scripture. In their mind, they are over throwing a tyranny, a group of white suprematism, but in reality they are leading you into a much greater tyranny. Communism did not solve a single problem in Russia and it will not solve any here. We will become the slaves of an elite few and then all these oppressed groups that they pretend to love will become like the rest of us. They use unhappy people to gain power and that is what it is all about, POWER.

Black Lives Matter is a front. It purpose was to stir racial hatred and it was planned and promoted by rich communist, most of them Jews like George Soros. You don’t know most of their names because they stay hidden in the shadows.As Micah the prophet said in one of his prayers, “Make them slither like snakes, crawls like cockroaches, come out from their holes and rocks they are hiding under and face our God.” {Micah 7} They lust for more money and more power and they are convinced that the two go together. They use propaganda to control the masses. They pretend to hate Hitler but they are following the same game plan. The first thing on their agenda is to suppress free speech and to silence all opposition. At present, they are telling lies and humiliating anyone who dares to disagree. They taught Kanye West a lesson: “Speak the truth again and it will cost you.”


PTL, the entire Kallas Family was with us for both the Sunday a.m. service and the Christmas celebration last night. Andrea Kallas is Kara Randolph’s sister in law. I think I got right. Lincoln was with us and he enjoyed seeing all his friends from school. It was the highlight of my day. We had a feast last night. Although my skillet cobbler didn’t turn out the way I wanted, it was consumed. I know what I did wrong; the next one well be as good as Mandy’s. Old Jason is a lucky man to be married to a cook like Mandy. I tried to borrow her skillet but she said she uses it everyday.

Seriously, we had a crowd yesterday, 110 in worship, 4 in the nursery and around 10 in children’s church. We have not had those numbers since early fall. We dedicate this week to visiting. We will be visiting all our shut-ins at home and in the retirement homes. We will visit here, GP, Limestone County and hopefully, Cherokee. We don’t seem to get the time to visit our old friends in Mississippi. It will be a busy week LORD willing.

We canceled our TV cable over a month ago and I bought an antenna. The only problem is commercials. We don’t have a way of taping. We have no regrets. I saw a commercial on wounded warriors that broke my heart. If you know of a legit program that helps them, I would like to join. We honor the wrong people. These crooked politicians get the ink but it should be those who have given up their arms and legs for this country. We can’t do too much for our veterans.

Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.


One of the ways to use propaganda is to change the meaning of words and below I have listed some examples of what the cultural Marxist are doing in America. {these facts come from Erwin Lutzer new book NO REASON TO HIDE.

  1. Social Justice means restructuring society so that sexual deviancy can be normalized.
  2. Tolerance means compliance to their ideas.
  3. Abortion means radical rights for feminist and eugenics.
  4. Propaganda means reeducation.
  5. Looting and Lawlessness is peaceful protest and redistribution of wealth.
  6. Illegal immigrants or undocumented workers.
  7. Criminals are persons who have issues with the law and the law enforcement officers are the enemy, not the oppressed and downtrodden criminals.
  8. White supremacy is patriotism, loving America, traditional Christian values.
  9. Honoring the American Flag is racism.
  10. Sexual deviancy such as drag queens is artistic expression.
  11. Political Correctness is suppression of free speech.
  12. God is the deification of self known as meism. God is a generic term: it means what ever they want it to mean but it is never a reference to Yahweh.

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