A person who promises a gift but doesn’t give it is like clouds and wind that bring no rain.

~Proverbs 25:14, NLT


We make a living by what we get {earn}; we make a life by what we give.

~Sir Winston Churchill

We were created for God’s pleasure and it pleases Him for us to be generous. Do you want to please God? Do you want to be like Jesus? We are never more like Christ than when we are giving. Henry Ford doesn’t get a lot of ink these days because of his political incorrectness but he was a very intelligent man and very generous. While vacationing in Ireland, he was asked to contribute to an orphanage. Ford wrote them a check for $2500 but later it was reported in a local newspaper to be $25,000. The editor had added a zero. The administrator of the orphanage got in touch with Ford immediately and apologized. “I will call the editor and get it corrected,” he told Ford. Ford said, “There is no need to do that, I will make my contribution $25,000 dollars.” Henry Ford was a man of his word unlike many who are clouds with no rain.

In Ecclesiastes 5, Solomon warns us about making rash promises. Before we commit to anything, we must consider what we are doing. Even Jesus cautioned would be followers to count the cost. I had a man come in my office almost 30 years ago and promise a large sum of money to help us relocate. I was shocked. I had no idea the man had that kind of money. He told me rather proudly, “I could give you the entire $600,000 dollars but that would not be good for the church. So I have decided to give $100,000 instead.” I was younger than and had a lot to learn. I believed the man, I took him at his word. Long story short, he did not fulfill his vow. I think he eventually gave a tenth of what he had pledged. The man is a cloud without rain and he owes DBC $90,000. He does not owe me a dime but he made a vow and did not keep it. Be careful about making rash vows. My great Nephew Jack is considering going to the University of Alabama. I promised him $1,000 if he does. I’ll have to borrow the $1,000. I did it to spite his grand maw who is an obnoxious Auburn fan. It was a foolish and rash vow but by the grace of God, I will honor it or I’m noting but a puff of wind, a cloud without rain.

I had something happen yesterday that really disturbed me. I would love to go into the details but I cannot. It is a case of blinding greed: a man who is concerned about all the wrong things. When you use your hand as a cup, how much water do you actually get to your lips? Not much, the cracks between our fingers allows most of the water slips through. The water in hand represents life and the things of this world. From the day we were born life began slipping through our fingers and so do all the other things we are trying to hold on to like land, houses, bank accounts, etc. We hold on to this wood, hay and stubble while looking at an ocean of grace that could be ours if we would let go of this world but we are too greedy to do so. It literally breaks my heart.

I’m running late and so I’m going to publish this one without a proofing, it is probably filled with typo’s but hopefully you will get the message. I went to see PAUL, THE APOSTLE OF CHRIST and June went to I CAN ONLY IMAGINE. I can only Imagine had a full audience and Paul had 10. Both are good but Paul is not a feel good movie. It is about Persecuted Christians and it has some graphic illustrations. It is not as spellbinding as the PASSION OF CHRIST but it is close. I CAN ONLY IMAGINE is very inspirational. It deals with child abuse, grace and the power of the gospel. I recommend both but the ladies are not going to like the APOSTLE PAUL movie and only a few of the men. I’m just telling it like it is but I recommend both.

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