God Is Good


How kind the LORD is! How good he is! So merciful, this God of ours!

~Psalm 116:5, NLT


God is absolutely good and most assuredly the cause of all that is good.

~Sir Walter Raleigh

No devotional thought or theology today. I just want to praise the LORD for His grace and mercy. He has been very good to me and my family and to the church family. What about that crowd! People put a little more effort in to getting to worship on Easter but it could be that way every Sunday. It is both a mental and spiritual problem. What about the music! Was that not awesome. We are so blessed to have a good pastor who loves us and preaches the word and the music has been out of this world. David and the Clark’s brought the house down, wow! Then Eva sings one of my favorites with David and the Clark’s. I am just telling you DBC members; you are blessed beyond your ability to appreciate. I am telling you folks, we are blessed. While I’m on the subject, Joe David is blessed also because he has a cheering section and we all sit together: it is the J club–John, Jack and Jesse. I also want to praise the LORD for our LIFE CHANGING BIBLE STUDY CLASS. Jim does a great job of keeping us on track and we always have a stimulating conversation about the lesson. Jim’s only problem is getting Sammy, Bill and myself involved in the discussion.

Pray for Dian Penney: her surgery is this morning. They are scheduled to begin around 6:00 a.m.

Did Gregg say 465 or 565? Either way it was a crowd. I must confess, when I arrived in Danville back in 79, I did not dream of such a crowd. Thank YOU JESUS.

I got a phone call the other day, supposedly from the IRS. I hung up on the guy before he could get started good. As soon as he said IRS, I said good bye. June got upset with me and called the number back. The man answered and started trying to get info such as our SS numbers but June did not trust him and gave him nothing. He told her that a warrant had been sworn out for my arrest. I talked with some folks about it yesterday and they are inclined to agree: it is probably a scam. The IRS comes and arrest me, we will know that it is not.

I am not wore out tonight {4/16}, I am plum wore out. The kids and grand kids played ball and I pitched for both teams for about 5 innings and then I called for relief. Cory came out of the bull pen and took the ball, PTL. I had to send Joe David and Lori to DG to get me some advil. I did enjoy a great day with my children and grands and I thank God for them.

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