God of Wonder


And when the crowd that came to see the crucifixion saw that Jesus was dead, they went home in deep sorrow.

~Luke 23:48, LNT


When I can read Isaiah 53 and not be moved, I know I am backslidden.

~Ron Dunn

I heard a very notable preacher say on tape that the same crowd that chanted Hosanna, Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD a week later cried “Crucify Him, Crucify Him.” I have no idea why preaches say such ignorant things. Jesus was arrested well after dark, He was tried during the same night and condemned to die a little after dawn. The only people at the  Praetorium other than the Jewish Religious leaders and the Roman officials were the rabble [homeless, pick pockets, drunks, street people]. Mark made it clear that the chief priests stirred up this group of street people to ask him to release Barabbas for them instead  [Mark 15:11]. The Jews are known for their ability to organize the community and stir up riots. Matthew says basically the same thing: But the chief priests and the elders persuaded the crowds to ask for Barabbas and to put Jesus to death [Matthew 27:20]. Mark used the Greek word anaseiō to stir up, rouse or excite. Matthew used the word pā’-thō, to persuade, to move or to induce. This is also the word Luke uses in Acts 14 to describe the Jews ability to incite a crowd. In Acts 18:5, Luke records… But the Jews, becoming jealous and taking along some wicked men from the market place, formed a mob and set the city in an uproar; and attacking the house of Jason, they were seeking to bring them out to the people. These wicked men who hung out at the market were called the rabble. Have you ever heard the term “rabble rousers?” It refers to those who stir up wicked men. This very elite group of rich Jews are still doing it today. George Soros is a Jew: he changed his name so you wouldn’t know. Trust me folks, these people wrote the book on inciting riots and they do it by manipulation while they stand safely at a distance. This group of Caiaphas type Jews have always been Antichrist.

Be that as it may, those who did attended the crucifixion did not get the show they expected. While Jesus had supporters at the place of execution, most were not, but no one left the place celebrating. The death of Jesus got their attention. Hopefully, it confronted them with their shame and depravity. I remember the Sunday evening June and I went to see the Passion of Christ with some of the folks from church, that was back in 2004 but I remember it like it was yesterday. The theater was full when we got there and we had to sit next to the wall which turned out to be a good thing. Once I began weeping, I never stopped. I literally laid my head against the wall and cried. I will never forget how that experience ended, no one left when the movie ended. Everyone sat there in shock and awe as they scrolled the credits across the big screen. No one moved. No one made an attempt to leave. When the music stopped ten or so minutes later, people slowly began to file out one by one but no one said a word. Well the same thing happened 2000 years ago; they all walked away with nothing to say. We sang a song when I was a youth that went something like this…“Just to think of the cross moves me now, the nails in His and His bleeding brow. It should have been me that died on that tree; instead I am free, I am free.” I hope the cross still moves you.

  • Another wonderful day with mild temps and some rain here and their. I went with Tim and Jerry to the the COACHES restaurant in Hatton. It is a steak house and I think it has them all beat. That may have been the best steak I’ve ever eaten. Tim ate a 20 ounce ribeye and he is on a diet.
  • I attended the graduation at Johnson Elementary which was Johnson Jr. High when I graduated there in 1963. I think it was an 8 room school house at the time with no gym. We did have a lunch room. I got to visit several of the classes including Mitzi Looney’s, Rex’s wife. I told her I knew who did all the work at her house. She just laughed. Old Rex out kicked his coverage for sure. Actually she bragged on Rex. She said Bro. Jack, “He does do one intelligent thing a day, he reads your blog.” JK, she might not have said it exactly like that and old Rex can play that guitar and sing, for sure.
  • June just reported to me that a 39 year old man has filed a counter law suit against his parents. He moved back home six years ago and few months back they gave him $1100 to move out. He spent the money but didn’t move out. They took him to court and won but now he has filed a counter suit claiming that they did not give him a fair notice. As Keith would say, “Unbelievable!”
  • WHO NEEDS Netflix…Some Netflix users aren’t too happy about the streaming provider’s newly announced deal with former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to produce original content on the service. After the deal was announced on Monday, a growing number of users have said they’ll cancel their Netflix subscriptions and called on others to do the same. The users, who continue to express their displeasure with the deal on Twitter, have also posted screenshots of their Netflix cancellation confirmation pages.“Do you subscribe to Netflix?” one Twitter user asked on Monday. “Today they announced a multi-year deal with Barack and Michelle Obama. Please Cancel (sic) your subscription & show them this shall not stand!”Another person said that he “kinda liked Netflix,” but “now I have to cancel.”


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