God’s Glorious Plan


But God knew what would happen, and His prearranged plan was carried out when Jesus was betrayed. With the help of lawless Gentiles, you nailed Him to a cross and killed him.

~Acts 2:23, NLT


When everything seems to be falling apart, God is at work accomplishing His plan. Calvary is proof!


None of the disciples understood what Jesus was doing or what the Father was doing through Him. On the eve of Jesus crucifixion, the disciples are completely baffled and bewildered. After His death, they are afraid and depressed. The truth of His resurrection had to grow on them and Jesus mercifully gave them 40 days to digest this truth. One of the last things He said to them was to wait there in Jerusalem for the promise of the Father which was the Holy Spirit. I’m sure all of them were anxious to get back home to Galilee but they did stay in Jerusalem and after the ascension, they went back to the upper room where they had been meeting since the night they had the Passover meal with Jesus. They began praying and I don’t think anyone thought initially that the prayer meeting would last ten days but it did. Early in the a.m. hours on the Day of Pentecost, they heard a roaring wind, like a tornado I guess. It shook the building and drew a crowd. No one seemed to know what kind of wind it was but in hindsight, we know it was the mighty Ruach, the Spirit of God. He filled all the followers of Christ and these despised Galileans began speaking Latin, Greek, Egyptian, and every language in the known world. Everyone had gathered at the location of the Disciples to see what was causing the noise. Then they heard these Galileans speaking multiple languages so that people from all over the world could understand what they were saying. When this crowd of curiosity seekers gathered asking questions and making wild assumptions, Peter rose to the occasion.

Peter tells the crowd what is going on and then he begins to preach a long sermon. When it talks about the crucifixion, the crowd gets convicted and many of them [3,000] repent and are saved. There are Jews in this crowd from all over the world. They came for Pentecost and most of them were not even aware that such a person as Jesus existed. These Jews and proselyte Jews become believers and eventually return to the countries with the GOSPEL. Luke mentions 16 different nations that were present, but I imagine, there were more. Do you see what God is doing here? He is working His plan. I don’t think there was ever a darker day than when Jesus was crucified but in the midst of this horror and agony for so many, God was working His plan. Paul was anxious to get to Rome but not to carry the gospel, the gospel got to Rome long before Paul. The gospel was in Rome when Paul held the coats for those who stoned Stephen. Every nation or people group that I Peter is addressed to were there at Pentecost. Peter did not carry the gospel to Turkey, it was carried by the Jewish coverts at Pentecost. Is it not amazing that God got the gospel to the world without the internet, without radio, television or even phones. God can do more in ten minutes than you and I can do in a lifetime. Don’t get discouraged folks, GOD IS WORKING HIS PLAN.

  • I do love this weather: Lord willing I can plow my corn today if I get the time. God is good.
  • One of our members at GRACE POINT married Mama Shorty’s grandson Jack Sandlin. He was a first cousin to Reba and Rachel. June and I visited her yesterday evening and she was telling us that Rachel Wallace, who was at Baccalaureate Sunday night was really bragging on Joe David. It’s a small world. I think Mama Shorty is also Wayne Penn’s grandmother. She was a double first cousin to my grandmother, Winnie Halbrooks Blackburn. I threw this in in case one of my siblings reads the blog. The baby sister might, the others are doubtful.
  • Israel is the reverse of the United States. In Israel, the big wig know-it-alls lived in the South and they looked down on Galileans who in Israel are in the North. You can imagine the disbelief when the Judeans heard these rednecks from Galilee speaking fluently in foreign languages. If I lived there and had a choice, I would live in Galilee. I don’t blame Jesus for never spending the night in Jerusalem. I sure don’t have any problem with 11 of 12 Disciples being from Galilee. You know which one was from Judea? I rest my case.

Since Fathers Day is right around the corner…

Here are some Pics of Dad’s baby sitting

…Not a good idea to leave them with little ones, is it ladies?

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