In His Presence


In the secret places of the stairs, let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice; for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely.

~Songs of Solomon 2:14, AV


“The LORD Jesus Christ is willing and eager to meet with you privately, and daily for as long as your heart desires.”

~Donald Whitney

I am a recovering male chauvinist and some would say my recovery is questionable and they may be right but I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to brag about the matter. I am going to say something shocking: I have and am presently learning at the feet of Nancy Leigh Demoss. Why do women cater to shallow people like Beth [No] Moore when they could learn so much more from Elisebeth Elliott or Nancy Leigh? One other confession before I share today’s thought: I have never gotten anything out of the Songs of Solomon. It is like reading soft porn to me. Obviously, that is due to my deep depravity and my less than pure mind. I want you to read Nancy Leigh’s take on this book in your bible.

“In the Songs of Solomon, we read the story of a wealthy king who decides to take a bride. Much to everyone’s surprise, the king does not choose someone from the noble class: someone who is wealthy, well bred, acclaimed by society or highly educated. Rather he goes out into the country side and selected a common, ordinary peasant girl to be his bride. She is not beautiful; in fact, her skin is rough and dark from having worked out in the sun in her families vineyard; neither is she refined or sophisticated. When the king brings her back to the palace, everyone is shocked at his choice but no one more shocked than the bride to be. Nevertheless, she is the choice of the sovereign king and he takes her to his bed chamber and there they spend hours together.” [A Place of Quiet Rest, page 84]

Two quick observations. The bride of the king takes on his character as she spends time with him and at the end of the story, she is beautiful and everyone is attracted to her. Those who could not see what the king saw it her are now impressed with what they see. Wow! She was transformed by HIS GRACE. The second observation, even I can guess: The BRIDEGROOM is Christ and we are His unlikely choice. He wants to transform us by spending time with us.

Ladies through your Beth Moore books in the nearest fire and order a Nancy Leigh DeMoss book today: A PLACE OF QUIET REST, LIES WOMEN BELIEVE, WALKING IN THE TRUTH, SURRENDER, BROKENNESS and many others.

It was good to get back in the pulpit, I had a ball and we had one POF, PTL! We visited all the nursing homes this weekend. Edith Bennich has a ways to go on her rehab; Wayne Penn is having dialysis and was out of his room. Ray Edwards was doing great! Mr. Gilliott didn’t feel like talking: he is very weak. Lou was also doing well.

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