Is The Handwriting On The Wall?


Yet you, his son, Belshazzar, have not made your heart lowly, even though you knew all this, but you have raised yourself up against the Lord of heaven.

~Daniel 5:22-23, LSB


Historical ultimatums do not call forth morality and repentance.

~Calvin Miller

Signs of the times are in the air, but like Belshazzar, we pay no attention. It was true in the days of Noah and it is true today, the chaos and turmoil in the world should drive us to our knees but it doesn’t. When 9/11 occurred, there was a brief and refreshing pause in our immorality. Political correctness was forced to the back of the bus but it didn’t stay there long. It kept working its way to the front of the bus where it could get the microphone and it became louder and more powerful than before. Belshazzar’s father learned the hard way that you cannot shake your fist in God’s face and survive. The LORD humbled Nebuchanezzer by giving him the mind of a beast. Nebuchanezzer repented and the LORD restored. I am not clear as to whether or not Belshazzar was a son or grandson but the facts about his demise have been recorded. Matter of fact, traditions say that Belshazzar was so contemptible toward his grand father or father during those years that Nebuchanezzer thought he was an ox and went on his all fours eating grass, that his father Nebuchanezzer punished him when his mind was restored. I suppose Nebuchanezzer’s friends had told him how his son acted. Some believe that Jehoiachin {deposed king for Judah} and Belshazzar were in prison together which explains why Jehoiachin was set free by Belshazzar. Any way you cut it, Belshazzar knew something about Yahweh and His ways. He simply didn’t care and shook his fist at God. He set himself against Yahweh, the God of creation and the very One who gave him life and breath. In other words, God gave Belshazzar signs and he ignored them.

The question is: are we any different. The signs of the times are everywhere but no one is coming to the altar, no one is repenting. The Bidens are a disease, not a fungus. They are like a cancer eating away at the heart and of the nation. I do realize that the Bidens are simply the face of a massive problem. This country is being invaded from within. We are being destroyed by Marxist. It is a godless philosophy that always leads to an oligarchy. Oligarchy is a conceptual form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people. In our case, an elite group of very wealthy secular humanist and Marxist. Their aim is to control the masses. They will lie, cheat, murder and do whatever is necessary to control the narrative. They want to program us to think in a certain way; this is why they are so big on education. They have been re-educated us since the that late 1930’s. John Dewey, the so called father of modern education was an atheist and secular humanist. There isn’t a dimes worth of difference between a secular humanist and a communist. I was labeled a radical fundamental extremist when I was in my forties and some considered me a dooms day prophet, but just look at what is going on in our country. All I ask you to do is research what I say; if it is not based on facts, dismiss it, but don’t dismiss it until you have done the research. I know very little about prophesy but I know that the United States is in moral decline. We are not the nation we were in the 1950’s. We are on a downward spiral and gaining speed daily. I think the HANDWRITING IS ON THE WALL and we are ignoring it or pretending it is not there.


Going to attempt an early start today. I want to visit some sick folks and then I have my Wednesday routine. Thank goodness, I got to study all day yesterday. I hope you have a good HUMP DAY and we have a HOLIDAY coming up Monday. The cool weather is terrific.

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