Jesus Can Love Anyone


When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners.

~Romans 5:6, NLT


If all are sinners: Then Jesus loves all.


Everyone needs to know that someone loves them. It is an added boost when the someone is a very important person. The planet is filled with unlovely people in appearance and personality but Jesus does not show partiality as we do and He has the ability to love all: attractive, unattractive, big, small, short, tall, thin, obese, young or old. There is no one He can’t love. His grace is greater than all our flaws. He has the ability to love people that we despise. If you have watched the CHOSEN, you know that Matthew was different from the other disciples. He was probably the most intelligent disciple but he was weird and he had compromised by working for the Roman government. In Jesus day, the Jews who gathered taxes for the Romans were considered traitors. No one loved them; they were despised and hated. Jesus loved Matthew. Peter was a brawler and rabble rouser but Jesus loved him. Mary Magdalene was demon possessed and Jesus loved her. Jesus never met a single soul that He could not love. He even loved those who crucified Him.

I’ve met people who are hard to love. Some were angry and bitter; some were so obsessed with their own interest that they were escapable of thinking of any one else and others were just spoiled brats. I counseled with an eight year old girl who attended our child care at DBC. She was acting out and the teachers were exasperated. As I talked to her I learned: her father had abandon her, one brother and their mother and now the mother had taken up with another man and she was showing him more attention than she was her children. This eight year old girls fear was that her mother would abandon she and her brother too. She said, “We’ll wake up one morning and mama will be gone just like daddy.” That is a terrible fear for an eight year old to deal with. I believe the child was telling me the truth and I didn’t know what to say but I put a few words together. I said, “Beth, I have met your mom and I am sure she loves you. She is not going to leave you so stop worrying about it; besides I know some one who loves you more.” Of course I was speaking of Jesus. I don’t know if my guarantee that Jesus loved her helped her or not. I was not sure of her mother’s love but I was confident that Jesus loved her.

To teach and preach that Jesus loves some instead of sinners guts the gospel. There is not good news in telling the world, your are going to hell and there is nothing you can do about it. It is impossible for you to repent or put your faith in Christ because you are not among the elect. The Calvinist believe that SOME lives matter; I believe all lives matter. There were many who rejected His love but Jesus loved them all. The unpardonable sin that will damn you to hell is rejecting Jesus.


Finished one job yesterday and started loading the trailer for another but then these sweet drops of rest started falling: thank You Jesus for the rain. I really didn’t want to build a porch today. The rain is wonderful.

The election should have been called last Tuesday night. The reason it was not is that the Republicans won the house. The dems needed more time to cheat. Everyday they delay announcing the House results is a day for the democrats to come up with more votes. I guarantee you, they cheated in every contested state and what are the Republicans doing…sitting ideally by and letting them cheat. It makes me sick.

OCC going great. DBC collected 855 boxes yesterday. I have been told that the $10 shipping is not just for shipping. It is for the gospel presentations that are put in the boxes. They are on a Childs level and in their language. At least, this is what we have been told. I know some are upset about the $10 fee.

Have a great day!


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