Liberal Math


What is a human being that You think about him? What is a son of man that You take care of him?

~Psalm 8:4, NIRV


The price someone is willing to pay always determines the worth of a product.


Those of us who are playing with a full deck know that math is an exact science, 2+2=4 no 2+2=relativity. There is only one anwer to the equation and that is 4, a firm absolute 4 and you and I have Einstein on our side. Liberals believe in evolution and here is an example of liberal math: 0+0=the universe. They believe that everything began with nothing; you and I believe that everything began with God. We believers have a different formula  ∞ + אֵל= Universe [infinity plus El {God almighty} equals creation]. The Hebrew verb used in Genesis 1:1 is bara’ and it means to create out of nothing. God can do a lot with nothing because He is God but we must begin with God rather than nothing. It doesn’t take that much faith to believe in God, only fools disbelieve but Psalms 8:4 is a challenge to our faith. We know that God created us but why on earth does He care about us? Maybe it is because He put us in charge of His creation. He put a crown on our head and gave us the responsibility to rule. Perhaps it is because He created us in His own image. His love for us is a mystery but we know He loves us because He sent His Son. Our personal worth is infinite because Jesus died for us. The price paid determines the value of the product.

Liberals bask in the myth of “the gray” [relativity]. Would you please show me the gray area in math? Come on liberals, some one respond. Copy, paste and send this blog to a liberal if you know one. I would like an answer. Where is the gray area in Music? Ask Doug Seaver if there is a “gray area” in music. Barney Fife and I sing in the gray area but it is not real music. I am vastly inferior to so many people and infinitly inferior to God but how do we not condescend when it comes to liberals; they are idiots. Foolish people say in their hearts, “There is no God.” [Psalm 14:1]

  • Don’t forget the POST OFFICE in the Foyer. The B hole is packed: if your last name begins with a B, you need to check it. Burcham, Blankenship, Boyd, Bass, etc. The S box is pretty full also. The building is unlocked during office hours if you want to get your mail.
  • What can I say: Shohn and the childred did a wonderful job last night. It was superb. We have had two great Sunday night programs in a row. Next Sunday night, Sir Douglas Seaver will be here in concert. We will start at 6:00. I will be carrying Doug to CB in Hartselle after the concert if you want to join. Dutch Treat!
  • This Sunday morning we finish our series in Luke 15. LORD willing, I get to do my favorite sermon, “THE LOVING FATHER.” I am thrilled this morning. In my Q.T. the LORD graciously gave me my CHRISTMAS DAY See-Sermon. I am pumped!
  • We ran out of food last night but we got all our visitors fed, PTL. It was our fault. No one in the office could remember how much chicken we ordered last year and we should have gotten some pizzas for the kids. We will get it right next time.
  • We live in a changing world and not all changes are for the better. In the old days when we hosted Baccalaureate, our entire Sunday night crowd attended plus visitors. Over the years, members have got into the habit of staying at home if no one in the program is related. As a whole, we no longer support, WEE Care, VBS, Adult Choir, Children, AWANA or anything else. If it doesn’t involve us, we stay at home. This is a very self-centered approach and it is hurting the witness of our church. Thirty years ago, DBC would not have run out of food because we loved celebrating Christmas as a church family but things have changed. We learned some years ago not to plan anything in December after the 15th. In light of that we are not going to meet on December 21 or 28th. We will have Christmas Eve Communion at 6:00 and Christmas Day service at 10:15 but no GATHERING on the 21 or 28. I would love to have a church wide Christmas meal on the 21 but it will not work–we have tried more than once. Don’t get angry with me, chalk it up to changing times.

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