Little Stick–Big Hand


Can an ax overpower the one who uses it? Can a wooden pole lift whoever holds it?

~Isaiah 10:15, CEV


God can hit a hard lick with a crooked stick.


Sennacherib, the king of Assyria and son of Sargon II, was a arrogant blow hard who thought himself to be an agent from his god Assur. Sennacherib inherited an empire and a massive military machine that was known for its brutality. As Sennacherib moved toward Jerusalem, he boasted of his success in prior campaigns and saw Jerusalem as “no problem.” The proud and pompous Sennacherib said, “I did these things by my own power because I am smart and clever. I attacked kings like a wild bull and I took their kingdoms and their treasures. I have conquered the whole world and it was easier than taking eggs from an unguarded nest. No one flapped a wing or make a peep.” Isaiah had a different perspective: He told his king not to worry about Sennacherib, he is just a stick in God’s hand. God is using him to punish us for our sins but when God is through with him, he will throw the stick in the fire and Sennacherib’s kingdom will disappear like a thorn bush in a fire. History proved Isaiah to be right. Sennacherib’s kingdom disintegrated in a matter of months and he never set one foot inside Jerusalem.

The moral of the story is: God can hit a hard lick with a crooked stick. I hear deeper-lifers talk about who God can use and who he cannot use and I chuckle on the inside. Sennacherib was not a pure vessel, he was a pagan and pompous jerk and yet God used him. God used Pharaoh, God used Nebuchadnezzar, God used Jonah, and yes, God used Balaam’s Donkey. Jack Taylor says, “God used the devil: poor fool thought he was destroying God’s kingdom at Calvary but God was using him to fulfill His plans.” Dr. Taylor said that when darkness fell over the earth on the day of the crucifixion, that was the Devil and all his demons celebrating their victory: only it was not a victory for Satan, it was a massive defeat. Don’t get all swelled up when God uses you; He uses whomever He chooses, when He chooses how He chooses. Just remember, “You are just a stick in God’s hand,” and God can use any stick that He chooses. Your success is not because you are smarter, more clever or work harder. Your success is due to the ONE who holds you in HIS hand. You are a little stick in a big hand.

  • Sorry about Sennacherib being featured in two blogs in one week. I am running short of time and this is a blog that I never posted. It was in the archives from September of several years ago.
  • Busy day today and busy week. I need you to pray for me today. I will be conducting the COLS of Dewayne Clark of Thatch, Alabama. I went up to witness to Dewayne about three years ago and I have to be honest, I don’t remember what I said are exactly how he responded. I know his mother showed more interest than he did. I carried her a Billy Graham book a few weeks later. Dewayne and I went to school together from 4th-8th grade at Johnson Jr. High. He was about 9 months older than myself. I don’t think he ever attended church.
  • I got my birthday present a day early. I bought a tractor Sunday evening from Danny Turrentine. It is a Japanese rice burner. I plan to use it spraying and do small jobs. My goal is to have a tractor for each piece of equipment so that I don’t have to change equipment so often. I hope I don’t come across a B or A John Deere for a decent price, my accountant would kill me.

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