Perhaps And Maybe



They will hear what the LORD will do to them when his burning anger blazes out against them. Then perhaps they will pray to him. And maybe all of them will turn from their evil ways.”

~Jeremiah 36:7, NIrV


America will not turn to God until they have no where else to turn.

~John Wydner



Jeremiah is one of my favorite bible characters. Unfortunately, Jeremiah was a man of sorrows. He witnessed the death of a nation, one that he loved dearly. It is painful to watch a nation crumble. I pray for REVIVAL in America everyday but I admit, the prospects are not good. Nineveh seems to be a rare exception when it comes to nations repenting.

God put a sermon on Jeremiah’s heart and he had his friend Baruch write it down, word for word on a scroll. Jeremiah was barred from the Temple because he had offended the high muckitymucks earlier so he sent Baruch to the Temple to read the sermon. Some of the Scribes and cabinet level government employees heard the sermon and were moved. They thought the king should hear it so they took the scroll to the king and one of them read it in his presence. Every time the Scribe would finish a section, Jehoiakim would take a knife, cut it off and through it into the fire. He refused to repent and so did Judah. The Babylonians came and destroyed Jerusalem and deported most of the Jews. A few were left in the land but most of them fled to Egypt where things did not go well for them.

Jeremiah thought…perhaps they will pray to Yahweh but they didn’t…maybe they will turn from their evil ways…but they didn’t. I know I will be accused of being a dooms-day prophet but I am afraid that John Wydner is right. America will not turn to God until they have tried everything else. After its too late, after all our gods are shattered, we will turn but it will be too late.


Revival November 6-9 at DBC

"Dude, are you talking to me?"
“Dude, are you talking to me?”

with Wade Morris

  • UPDATE on Bill Harrison: Cassie just sent a long text. Bill’s cancer is classified as State 1 TNM. The T is for tumor, N is for lymph nodes and the M is for metastasis. The Doctor’s recommendation is surgery. No chemo or radiation at this time. The surgery is extensive and the recovery time is long. Bill will have to miss a lot of work. He will be in the hospital two weeks, plus weeks of recovery at home.
  • George Moore is in Huntsville Hospital: high blood pressure. I am on my way there in a few minutes. Joe David is at Seminary this week. He will be traveling tonight or tomorrow.
  • UPDATE on Burnetts.¬†Folks have been asking about Insurance and Johnny assured me yesterday that all is well. They are covered to the max and have already received an emergency fund check from ALFA. Emotionally, they are still struggling to grasp what has happen. There is a great sense of loss.
  • SUNDAY SCHEDULE: Deacon’s meeting @ 8:15, Breakfast @ 9:00, LIFE CHANGING BIBLE STUDY @ 9:15, CELEBRATE JESUS in Worship @ 10:15, AWANA and Visitation @ 5:30, Evening Worship @ 6:15.
  • Today we visit Canada, a beautiful county in spring, summer and fall.
Autumn in Canada
Autumn in Canada
Victoria British Columbia, Canada. The most magnificent city in the world.
Autumn in Canada
Lake George, Ontario, Canada
Stanley Park Canada


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