Praise God!


Come quickly, LORD, and answer me, for my depression deepens. Don’t turn away from me, or I will die.

~Psalm 143:7, NLT


The Lord uses difficult situations and abrasive people to hone and polish us, not to punish us.


This is the last of seven penitential Psalms [6,32,38,51,102,130,143] and was written by David while he lived in hiding from the wrath of Saul. It is classified as a penitential Psalm because of verse 2, Don’t put your servant on trial, for no one is innocent before you. David is confessing that all men fall short of the glory of God. We are all depraved sinners. When I read this Psalm yesterday morning, I broke out in praise. I am amazed. I am astounded by how greatly God has used David to encourage me and millions of others. These Psalms speak to me. David was suffering some dark and difficult days and it was due to a mad man named Saul. Saul had the resources of a nation and he was in hot pursuit of David. The chances of David’s survival were not good: the odds were definitely against him. The situation had forced David to hide in a cave [dark, restricted place]. Like Christ on the cross, David is being treated like a criminal and his plight has cut him off from all human contact. There is no one in the cave other than David and his invisible God. David is dismayed, distressed and discouraged. He is teetering on the edge of despair. Spurgeon referred to this type of experience as the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL. It is a time of testing which later becomes a reference point for our sanctification. Any preacher worth his weight in salt is going to have an experience similar to David’s.

There is a way to avoid such an experience. Many professed believers never leave boot camp. They lack the courage to move to the front where the battle is being fought. They live in constant hiding or retreat. They hide among the masses, in sanctuaries and bible studies. They are passive Christians who never witness, nor take a stand on the moral issues that are destroying our nation. In other words; they play it safe. They find a comfort zone and never leave it. But for those who have been to the front, Psalm 143 will revive the heart. By the way, this Psalm reminds us that God uses imperfect people {David}, he uses crazy people {Saul}, He uses abrasive people to sand off our rough edges and most of all He uses obedient people. Bottom line is this: God is going to use you one way or the other so you may as well accept it but it would be much better for you if you became obedient. God will get glory one way or the other but you can only be blessed if you obey. Verse 10 is the attitude we should pursue, “Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your gracious Spirit lead me forward on a firm footing.” 

I can’t believe some of the things that are happening. Richard Shelby, a RINO is making political ads for Doug Jones, what a traitor. We can now classify him with John McCain. The fake news, the democrats and the fake Republicans are all working together. Shelby should be impeached. Shelby is no surprise, Jeff Sessons is a huge disappointment. If I were him, I would forget running for the Alabama Governor’s job, I will personally campaign against him. I hope and pray that Alabama sends a message to DC next week. I pray that we do not allow the Washington Post and the New York Times to tell us what to do. Why does all of Washington DC not want Moore. It has nothing to do with the sexual harassment charges: Washington is filled with sexual predictors; we even had one in the White House not too long ago. I don’t remember Sessons or Shelby speaking out then, do you. They are hypocrites.

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