The Brevity of Life


LORD, what are human beings that you care for them, mere mortals that you think of them? They are like a breath; their days are like a fleeting shadow. 
~Psalm 144:3-4, NLT


It is not the years in our life that matters most; it is the life in our years.
While I was working in my home study night before last, June was watching Home Alone. She reminded me that the movie was 27 years old this year. I said, “Wow!” Seriously folks, it does not seem possible. I am not much of a movie goer and I went for more than 20 years without going to a single movie. I had a house filled with young ones when Home Alone came out. We had our four and a foster child at the time. Somehow, he and one or two of our kids had seen the movie and they began putting the pressure on me. The foster child said emphatically, “This movie will make you laugh. You will love it.” So I made a bet of sorts that I could watch the movie and not laugh. We loaded up, all seven of us and went to the movie. I didn’t think I was going to have any trouble collecting on the bet but then the movie hit the part where the kid destroys the two morons who are supposed to be thieves. The “Wet Bandits,” I think is what they called themselves. I lost the bet, I laughed my fool head off. I still can’t believe that was 27 years ago. 

Being 68 would be pretty cool if not for the arthritis, bad back, wore out knees, poor hearing, bad eyesight feeble mind and all this fluid that has collected just above my waist. Mandy called me Tuesday morning but I was still in bed. I returned her call at 9:30 and she called me a sleepy head. I laughed and said, “Your just jealous.” She said, “Your right.”  She doesn’t want to be 68, she just wants to be able to sleep late like us retired folk. Being retired would be a ball if I had a 40 year old body but that is not how it works. I will say this, the years have passed so swiftly that my mind has not adjusted to my body. Just a few years ago, I tried the old running start as I was going up the steps at HH and the only thing that saved me from a bad fall was the hand rail. I tried to take four steps and I got only three and a half. After this near accident, my body had a chat with my mind, “Hey, up there, you are not 40, you are 65, you can not longer jump steps.” If it wasn’t for this old body that I live in, my mind would never think old. It’s the body that constantly reminds the brain that I am a senior adult. But, I am not ashamed to be a senior adult; I am proud of it. I celebrate it. It doesn’t bother me one bit for a young lady to open the door for me. Most young folks are nice to us old folks and I kind’a enjoy it.

The bottom line is: time flies. Life is very short so let’s not waste one minute. 
Big day today and big weekend. Yesterday was jam packed: I was on the run all day. Did not get home until 7:00 last night. Today is going to more of the same and tomorrow even worse. We will start out in Toney, Alabama for breakfast and then go with the fam to Gadsden Saturday night. Sunday will be a killer: We have Wee Care Christmas and the Children’s play on the same day. In between the two, one of my sisters is celebrating her 50 anniversary of being in holy deadlock, I mean wedlock. I am preaching at the PC Monday morning. Don’t y’all let me forget: I forgot the last time. I was in town when Ken called me and I had to preach from my phone.

Merry Christmas From The Bailey Bunch

[one year ago, I think]

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