Prayer And Jesus


May we shout for joy over your victory and lift up our banners in the name of our God. May the Lord grant all your requests.

~Psalm 20:5, NIV


Apart from Jesus, I don’t have a prayer.


Prayer is a big deal: it was to David and it is to me. David was a king and a commander-in-chief; he lead his army into battle and he never lost a fight. The reason David did not lose was that he was God-anointed. David did not choose to be anointed: God directed Samuel to anoint him. David just stood there and let it happen. Everyone knew that David was anointed including Saul. There was something different about David, he was anointed; God had His hand on David. David’s army was not anointed. The soldiers standing in rank had no such anointing but they bravely followed a man that they knew was God-anointed. Absalom committed suicide: you do not lift a hand against God’s anointed. You cannot possibly succeed if you do so. David is a type of Christ. Christ is our KING, it is He who leads us in battle. Our victory is not in our selves, our victory is in Jesus our Savior. He is God’s true Anointed One. We can’t lose because He can’t be defeated by any foe. I have no power with God; I can’t waltz into His presence in my name. I can’t get into His presence at all: I cannot get a hearing with the Creator of the universe. But, what I can’t do for myself, Jesus did for me. He can get me before the throne of grace. He can carry my prayer straight to the Father.

I once heard a story about a president who was hard to get to: a very prominent man of some standing had spent a week in the White House trying to get an audience with the president and nothing was working. He became very dejected and was about to give up his quest when a young boy goes right by the secretary and into the oval office. He was amazed at the sight and stood dumbfounded. When the little boy came out, the man grabbed him and said, “How did you do that? I’ve been trying to get in for a week.” The little fellow looked up and smiled; then he said, “It’s easy, he is my father.” The boy felt compassion on the man who looked to be in some distress, so he said, “Write you petition on a piece of paper and I will carry it into my father. He will read it if I asks him to.” Trust me folks, if it were not for the SON, you and I would not get in, ever. Apart from Jesus, we don’t have a prayer. That God for the Son, amen!

You never know what a day will bring and I certainly had no idea what was coming for me yesterday but as Mylee and Ryder were riding with me to Josie Tate’s game, Mylee asked for my phone so she could play a song through the bluetooth system. When the song played, I was spellbound. First, I thanked God for Mylee listening to this kind of music. The song touched my old cold hard heart: why don’t you give it a try. I played it at Grace Point today and a little 9 year old girl name Emma clapped joyfully, it is her favorite. Her mom told me she plays it all the time. Personally, I think it speaks to all our insecurities.

Two outstanding men have come out of the small village of Falkville, Alabama. But this is not them!

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