Priorities 101


The wicked see it and are angry; they gnash their teeth and melt away; the desire of the wicked comes to nothing.
~Psalm 112:10, NRSV


Everyone has someone or something at the very center of their lives.
~Max Anders



Sidney McAlister… Patton’s 7th Army Purple Heart

We all have a driving force, a consuming passion and core values. Your consuming passion may not be evil: children, career, parents and ministry are good things but they should not be the most important thing. The thing that drives many Americans is pleasure: we are a nation of hedonist. I heard someone say yesterday that they would be thrilled if the NFL suffered from it’s liberal political views but said he, “It probably will not happen.” Why? Because we have gone hog wild and pig crazy over sports. Millions of Americans are addicted to sports and entertainment. John was a Galilean fisherman when Jesus called him but he became a great theologian and a mystic. John could see the spiritual reality behind all the shadows. He realized that God made a mirror of the metaphysical when He created the physical. Jesus took everyday common things and used them to teach deep spiritual truths. In our little cosmos or solar system, the sun is at the center and everything revolves around it and derives life from it. We cannot live without the sun. Like wise, Jesus is the center, everything revolves around Him. He is our source of life and light.

Psalm 112 in a contrast between the God fearing man of faith and the ungodly who do as they please. The righteous man fears God and obeys his commandments. He lives for Christ and others. The ungodly have no such fear: their greatest fear is not getting their way. They don’t help others, they help themselves. The righteous live by faith and see beyond the present but the ungodly cannot see beyond this world which means they are one and done. In the end, they are going to be angry and disappointed because everything they have worked for will come to nothing.

  • I want to thank everyone for their prayers. It has been a demanding week but God’s grace has been more than sufficient. The folks at Mt. Zion were very good to us and then yesterday was special. Sarah and her children are always good to me. The way Dwight and I got started, I never dreamed I would be so close to this family but they are very special to me. Sidney had a good service, full military honors. I put his picture above. The funeral home there in Florence was decorated for fall with pumpkins and the whole nine yards. I thought it was nice.
  • I want everyone to pray for Larry Garner. He is taking heavy chemo. I don’t think he is even able to eat. I haven’t checked on Rickey in two days but I will try to get up there tomorrow. I am thrilled to be off this Sunday. First time in a while: I’ll feel like a visitor. I bumped into someone the other day and told them I had been missing them and then it dawned on me that I haven’t been there in a month myself.

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