But each person’s work will be shown for what it is. On judgment day it will be brought to light. It will be put through fire. The fire will test how good everyone’s work is.  If the building doesn’t burn up, God will give the builder a reward for his work. If the building burns up, the builder will lose everything. The builder will be saved, but only like one escaping through the flames.
~I Corinthians 3:13-15, NIrV


Those who are laying up treasures in heaven are those who are looking forward to eternity.
~Randy Alcorn
I have a question for you: what happened to Lot’s wealth? In Genesis 13, Lot is rich; he has many possession and many servants. As a matter of fact, he owes so much that the land cannot bear he and uncle Abraham so they spilt up. In Genesis 14, Lot gets in trouble and Uncle Abe bails him out but he still has some of his possessions. No mention of the servants. In Genesis 19, Lot is living the city life in down town Sodom but then Sodom is destroyed utterly along with Lot’s penthouse. Before chapter 19 is finished, Lot is living in a cave with only his two daughters. Do you get the picture? Lot is in a trend and its direction is downward. 
Abraham, on the other hand, became richer by the day. He died a very wealthy man. What is the difference? Abraham chose the high ground literally and figuratively. He never compromised his faith. He remained loyal to Yahweh but Lot pitched his tent toward Sodom. One compromise lead to another until he was right in the middle of a den of iniquity. Perhaps he sold his livestock and bought and expensive town house; I don’t know but the one thing I do know; he ends up living in a cave with no herds, no servants, no silver or gold and no servants.
I believe Lot is a type of carnal Christian. Lot was saved but he was not committed. I believe there are lots of Christians who are saved but they are not being faithful. There are not faithful in bible study, prayer, alms, good deeds or tithes and offerings. They use their tithe to take extra vacations. By the way, the tithe is not what you bring home, it is all that goes through your hands. I know a deacon who called himself a tither and gave less than $10 per week. He was farmer and he tithed only what he considered profit. In those days, farmers could live out of their inventory which he did. Some people spend more on pleasure {vacations, sports, entertainment} than they give to the work of the kingdom. Obviously, they think having a good time is more important than advancing the Kingdom of Christ. That’s OK, thousands do it but the truth will come out. I have heard folks say, “Heaven is my reward, so long as I miss hell, I don’t care about the rest.”
Everyone is striving to please someone. It could be a spouse or a grandchild. It could be yourself. It should be Jesus. If I were you, I would not underestimate His ability to make you feel deep regret. There are’t many things more difficult to bear than regret.


The Danville Hawks {Boys} defeated West Limestone and advanced to Wallace. Sean Atkins was on the team according to my journal. Bobby and Barbara James were having a difficult time. Jennifer Gilstrap was also mentioned. Keith and I planned a concrete job.

You are not going to believe this: I set out 10 tomato plants yesterday. I know, it is far too early but Jerry gave them to me and he has already set out an entire row. I have a plan. I will let you know if it works. June liked OLLIE’S DISCOUNT WAREHOUSE. She found some bargains. Chloe would love this store but I’m not carrying her, she wants everything she sees.

I’ve been retired for less than 2 months and I am further behind than I was before I retired. How did this happen? I am also struggling with my diet. One puny bowl of cereal for breakfast, one tiny bowl of vegetable soup for lunch and a lean cuisine for supper. Oh, I forgot the yogurt, it taste like wall paper paste. What I would give for a pizza or a double cheese burger? What about pecan pancakes from Cracker Barrel. 

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