Salty Saints Or Pavement?


Don’t bring false charges against anyone or sentence an innocent person to death. I won’t forgive you if you do.

~Exodus 23:7, CEV


“America needs no words from me to see how your decision in Roe v. Wade has deformed a great nation.

~Teresa of Calcutta

Who are the most innocent members of our society. It is certainly not the angry white males like myself: I have no complaint and it is certainly not the oppressed minorities who whine and complain incessantly about social injustice. At least they have a voice; they may not have a job but they have a voice and are able to picket, protest and bend the ear of the congress. The most innocent among us is our children, small children and the most innocent of the innocent are the unborn who are no longer protected by law. No one has been slandered more than the unborn. First the left propagated the lie, “the unborn are not human, they are not persons– they are an it, a ‘fetus’, just a glob of tissue.” Yeah right and Bill Clinton is a Benedictine Monk. We would not be killing babies had not the left convinced our not so intelligent Supreme Count to take away their right to life. They did this with the “infamous lie.” Who would not give some thought to abortion if the mother was raped by some scum bag. This is an emotional argument that you have to give a lot of thought and prayer to if you are to have a firm conviction. Norma McCovey was not rapped {Jane Roe}; she lied initially and her feminist lawyer and friend of the Carters, Sarah Weddington lied to the court after Norma had confessed privately to her that she was not raped. So Sarah lied and 200 million have died. Sarah needs to read Exodus 23:7; especially that last phrase. So we have executed 200 million children because of lies, slanderous lies. When clear and viable evidence of life at conception came out in the early 80’s one of the key proponents of abortion, Dr. Benard Nathanson had a radical conversion. He was the narrator of the video “The Silent Scream.” He is the Apostle Paul of the Pro-life movement. Dr. Nathanson later said, “Fewer women would have abortions if wombs had windows.” They are killing little babies not removing tumors or a glob of tissue. The left, especially the media has done everything they can to depersonalize the unborn baby.

Here is the problem: the left knew all along that they were telling lies. They were pushing feminism with total disregard for the rights of the baby. By the way, on the matter of rape, I would want my daughters or grand daughters to have the baby. Murder is a hard thing to live with and the baby is innocent: the rapist is the one who needs to die but in our mixed up and sin soaked society, we exonerate the rapist and execute the baby. What the left does not want you to know is that ABORTION IS THE ULTIMATE EXPLOITATION OF WOMEN. The truth is: if you don’t want the child, there is a long line of folks who do. The movie “Rob Roy” is violent and only for adults but if you are undecided on the rape issue [which rarely happens, less than 1% of abortions are due to rape], you need to watch this movie. Rob’s wife was raped by a pervert and she tried to abort the child herself but failed. She did not want Rob to know but a friend told him what had happened. When he talks with his wife, she weeps in shame confessing that the child has an evil father and that the baby was not conceived in love. She confesses that she tried to get rid of the baby. I love what Rob said, “The baby is not the one who deserves to die.” Then Rob proceeds to carry out justice and he does.

What on earth has happened to the AMERICA  that I knew as a child? Dr. Kelly’s message Sunday gave me the answer. I don’t know how many times I have read Matthew 5:13, “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot,” and yet I heard something this time that I had never heard before. The answer has always been there but I did not see it. We Christians lost our saltiness and we have been throw into the streets for secular humanism to walk on. Last week the Virginia Governor, a democrat, publicly gave his consent to letting a healthy baby die after birth if the MOTHER and the Physician agree on the decision. Bill Bennett says this governor is history. ABC, NBC and CBS did not air the Governor’s comments because they were disdained by the left as well as the right. Democrats who want to win in upcoming elections know that abortion is an issue they cannot win on. Northam made the mistake of telling the truth in a public forum. Deep down, the left knows the dirty truth and they do not want to address the subject and they certainly don’t want a member of their party confessing their dirty little secret.

Folks are you sick and tired of being the pavement that the secular humanist walk on? How about we raise our voice in defense of the most helpless members of society, the UNBORN. Isn’t it time we stand up to the left and say, “enough.”

Enjoying this unseasonable weather and trying to prepare for upcoming JBS at Sardis Springs. Also trying desperately to get DIGEST in the mail. We have a small staff here at EASTERN GATE MINISTRIES and a small budget. We are blessed to have a good computer, chair and some diet Dr. Pepper in the frig. June and I dropped in to see Lou yesterday on our way home from Cullman. Lou looked good. She is much better.

June and I made some discoveries yesterday by default. We had to get some keys made so after leaving CRMC we punched in the address of the Mary Carter Store on 4th Street in down town Cullman. Jennifer, you and Tracey have got to check this store out. I had no idea there was a store like this within driving distance. Tracey can save Gregg hundreds at this store. I was fascinated. We followed the nav system to the store and it lead us through a part of Cullman we had never seen. We saw a Castle: I kid you not and then the Convent. I didn’t stop yesterday but I will get a shot of that Castle the next time I go to Cullman.

Have a great day and enjoy this lovely weather. Hey, if it’s above 60, it is lovely to me, clouds or no clouds.

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  1. Very good blog brother Jack, this is all good information. You know I remember when I used to talk to you about abortion, and I was for it. But as time went on I decicided that was wrong, and now I have changed my mind so much. I remember when I campaigned to put Shelby in office and we did, although I didn’t like what Denton did I should have know but that was in the past. I appreciate your time for the blog. God bless you.

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