You boast, “We have struck a bargain to cheat death and have made a deal to dodge the grave. The coming destruction can never touch us, for we have built a strong refuge made of lies and deception.”

~Isaiah 28:15, NLT


No follower of Christ should ever use the term “Social Justice.”

~Voddie Baucham

When I first heard Baucham make the above statement, I had no idea what he meant; now I do. Growing up in rural Alabama, we used the word ‘social’ a lot but most of the time it referred to an organized gathering of members of particular group or club. It was the Baptist term for party. When I was a kid, party and church were never associated together. The left or the cultural marxist have rewritten the dictionary and they have created a new lexicon. Again, when I was growing up, you never heard the term ‘political correctness’ and I must admit, I don’t remember hearing the term ‘woke’ until this last couple of years. When I was a kid in the 50’s, gay meant happy but now it means queer. Wherever and when ever you see the word ‘Social’ beware, it is a synonym for people or society. Social justice is justice defined and established by people/society. This is why Baucham says there is only one justice, God’s justice. All justice emanates from the One who is just. Man, by virtue of his fallen and sinful nature cannot determine what is just or unjust: this is why the biblical revelation is so important.

So watch out for the word ‘social’ because it is a catch term for marxism. Social Justice is a replacement for God’s justice and the authority of scripture. Social Security is substitute for eternal security. Social Studies is a substitute for history. Socialism is now trying to destroy and replace capitalism. I’m warning you: if the word social is attached, you had better check it out. I think it is clear to us now that Wilson and Roosevelt, who we consider progressives, were in fact influenced by Marxism. There is no doubt that John Dewey was a marxist. I was told by a teacher that the AEA is going to try to force every public school to teach CRT which is pure Marxism. As liberal and far left as the AEA is, the NEA is worse. All social studies should be eliminated. Social Studies is code for leftwing marxist propaganda. The Frankfurt School is known as the Institute of Social Research not the Institute for Cultural Marxism but it is a school of Marxist. John Dewey invited them to America and to become a part of Columbia University. Truth: the Frankfurt School is the institute of cultural marxism and it has infiltrated practically all of our universities. I can see why the reforms like Platt and Mohler have fallen for this garbage; they are use to being dishonest about their motives. Why didn’t Mohler state up front, before he corrupted an SB seminary, “I am not a Southern Baptist, I am a five-point calvinist. I will work tirelessly to destroy your mission boards.” Do you think he would have gotten the job? As evangelicals, we believe the Holy Spirit must be active in our salvation: He convicts us of sin and brings us to repentance. No one can be saved until they repent but we also believe that man is accountable. We believe in both sovereignty and free will and we make no attempt to reconcile them.

The number of reforms sucked into the Social Justice movement is staggering. Piper, Platt, Keller, Foster just to mention a few. I quit reading Piper years ago but I have enjoyed reading many things from the pen of Foster and Keller. Truth is: I have never been a Platt fan. But we are talking high profile, highly successful people who have been sucked into this false teaching. Mohler is trying to distance himself from them but it is a little late. Baucham’s prophecy is being fulfilled. They cannot control the fallout from this heretical teaching.


I am late today due to electrical problems. I lost power to my building before we left for our trip. I thought John Harold and I could fix it but the problem is worse than we thought so I am using the power of our generator but at least we are operational.

The trip to Eureka Springs was on my bucket list. I wanted to see the Tabernacle and the Passion Play. I went, I saw and I was disappointed. I have no desire to return. The dimensions on the Tabernacle are correct but other than that, it is unimpressive. It is a very dim reflection of the real thing. The Passion Play is a little better but the actors are unpaid volunteers. The theater, lighting and sound effects are good but the actors are not skilled and the chronology is not exact. I am glad we went but it is nothing like the Passion of Christ {movie}. If you like cave exploration; they have several caves. If you like hiking and biking, it would be a place to go but it is mostly a senior adult attraction. Plus it is a long way out there: you are in Northwest Arkansas; very close to Oklahoma and Missouri. There is no interstate within 75 miles of the place so there is no good way in or out. The Best Western in a good motel. June was totally unimpressed with the downtown area. Their staple is antiques and there are no outlet malls. It is not a shoppers paradise. They do have a DG and a McDonalds.

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