Encourage One Another


And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of His return is drawing near.

~Hebrews 10:25, NLT


At some point or time: everyone needs encouragement.


Some of us have the tendency to withdraw when we are hurting. We isolate ourselves from others because we feel vulnerable but isolation is not what we need. We need each other, we need family and community. When we withdraw and isolate ourselves, we become easy targets for the devil or one or more of his demons. You remember the infamous Amalekites; they were blood drinking scavengers who could not be trusted. Moses said to Israel,  “Never forget what the Amalekites did to you as you came from Egypt. They attacked you when you were exhausted and weary, and they struck down those who were straggling behind. They had no fear of God. ” The Amalekites were Israel’s deplorable enemies. Like woves, they searched for the weak and the defenseless, then they attack. The Israelites who fell behind due to weakness or sickness became prey for the despicable Amalekites.

One of my favorite all time movies is the Gladiator. In the scene where Maximus and the gladiators are thrown into the arena against overwhelming odds, Maximus takes charge and tells the others, “If we stick together, we can survive but we must stay together.” Most of them listened but there were a couple of hard heads who refused to stay with the group and they were cut down immediately. The moral was simple: alone, they had no chance. The only hope of survival was to stick together. You may not want to admit it; but you and I need each other–we are not made to stand alone. We desperately need mutual encouragement.

Dwight L. Moody was visiting a man who had dropped out of church. He had not attended a worship service in months. It was winter and Moody and the man were talking in front of an open fire place. The man told Moody, “I don’t need church. I can be just as good a Christian here at home.” Moody took the poker and pulled a red hot glowing ember from the fire out on to the hearth, the ember quickly turned from a bright glowing orange to charcoal black. Then Moody, took the poker and pushed it back into the fire with the other coals and immediately, the ember was aglow. The man looked at Moody and said, “I get the picture; I will be back this Sunday.” How encouraging would it be if the worship center was packed this Sunday?


Well we never know what a day will bring. Started normal and then I needed to go to the tractor shed and get the tractor to level my generator but there was a heavy dew, so I decided I would ride the mower to the tractor shed and unknown to me {all summer} there is a huge wasp nest above the more and they attacked. I think I have 7 stings, most on my back or neck. Judgment is coming for those devils.

I am going to have a book burning within the next few days. Lucado is woke and so is Keller and I have two dozen books that are going to the fire. You will not see me quoting Keller or Lucado again. What a shame.

I hope you have a great day and a good weekend. Thanks for reading the blog. Catfish has still not put the tab in for you to have it sent to your email. I will try to remind him tonight.

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