Sorrow Can Be A Friend


Although He was a son, He learned obedience through the things He suffered.

~Hebrews 5:8, NET


Only those who have sorrows can walk in true fellowship with the MAN of sorrows.

~Robert Collier

One of the most difficult things about Job’s suffering is that he did not have a clue why all these bad things had happened to him. Jesus suffered more but He fully understood why He was suffering: Job was in the dark. Six thousand years later, you and I know why Job suffered, he suffered vicariously. In other words, he suffered for our sakes. Job’s very experience has become an inspiration to billions. Why do we remember Job? Why is his name a household name among believers? Because of the things he suffered. We do not remember Job for his success but for his suffering.

As I noted int he EXTRA the other day, I am finishing up the REB and I finished with Leviticus. It is usually the Revelation. I’ve been reading through the Bible for 20 years or more and Job is one of my first reads. I reads Psalms every day but I also read Job two or three times a year. The book of Job has been a tremendous blessing to myself and millions of others. I do wish Job could have understood that is suffering was not for nought and that more people than he could imagine would be blessed by his life story. Now tell me God is not incredible and that the Bible is not the most amazing book in the world. Thank YOU Jesus for the life of Job and for it being recorded in scripture: I and millions like me are encouraged and enriched by Job.

Big L graduated last night reminding us of how time flies. LORD willing, we will try to tie up some loose ends today so we can leave for the mountains tomorrow. It is not a done deal I can assure you. I hope you have a great day and thanks for reading the blog. There may be one in the morning but I hope to take Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. Doug’s first Sunday with us at the POINT is June 6.

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