Those who are hot-tempered stir up strife,
    but those who are slow to anger calm contention.

~Proverbs 15:18, NRSV


Most of us have been nurtured by a culture that nourishes revenge and mocks grace.

~Van Leevwen

When I picked up Keller’s devotional yesterday and read the text…It is to one’s honor to avoid strife but every fool is quick to stir contention…I immediately thought about a conversation an old friend and I had Tuesday. He said, “Jack, why do they keep stirring the racial problem? Why don’t they let it go away?” That is a very good question. If you study Proverbs, you will see that strife is usually related to one of three things: Pride, anger or hatred. Strife is angry or bitter disagreement over fundamental issues that leads to conflict. Synonyms are: discord, friction, dissension, wrangling, bickering, controversy, ill-will and hostility. Strife can originate over vigorous and bitter conflict over perceived rights. An example would be the conflict between Lot’s herdsmen and Abraham’s.

Keller says we live in a culture that counsels self-assertion. We encourage people to demand their rights. You cannot turn your radio on without hearing an Alexander Shunnarah commercial, “Call me Alabama, Let’s sue somebody.” I detest the words “Civil Rights” and “Social Justice”. Whereas a lot of things needed to change we seem to have gone to the other extreme and now we have everyone clamoring for rights and no one is talking about responsibilities. The results is–we have produced a generation of American’s who think they are entitled to wealth and success without making any sacrifice or putting forth any effort. Donald Kraybill says, “Our Society does not produce forgiving people but rather those who are quick to quarrel and assert their rights.” He also says, “Without some fundamental change, our culture will continue to grow in strife.”

Another word for COMMUNITY ORGANIZER is “One Who Stirs the Strife.” We have people, unfortunately for us, they are in high places and they incite, stir, foster and encourage racial tension. I think it comes from a deep seated hatred. It is one of the reasons they hate Trump. He is a white highly successful male who came from the privileged class. Of course it is OK to hate Trump, that is a part of their so called “Social Justice.” Trump deserves to be hated. This is not true with Obama: if you hate Obama you are a racist. According to the Left’s dictionary: it is good to hate Trump and evil to hate Obama. Liberals are such hypocrites.

Going to slow the pace a bit today we hope. Joe David and I thank you for the prayers; every thing went well yesterday and Lisa was pleased with the service. If Lisa and Jesus are pleased: I am more than pleased.

I hope you have a good day as we move toward another weekend. I think everybody loves Friday and Thursday is Friday Eve.

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