The Auroch


But you have made me as strong as a wild oxYou have anointed me with the finest oil.

~Psalm 92:10, NASB


Our ultimate hope lies in the fact that Christ is greater than all our enemies.


Dennis Tucker, Jr. in the NIV Application Commentary says that the “wild ox’ {re’em} is most likely a reference to the now extinct Auroch. The Auroch was a wild bull who roamed the hills of Syria and other middle eastern countries. This bull was much more intimidating than the bulls we are familiar with and to be honest, I don’t want to tackle the bulls we have today. This wild bull stood from six to seven feet tall at its shoulders and could weight in excess of a ton. It generally had a horn span of six feet and its horns were big in diameter. It was a symbol of strength, power and might. The Psalmist said,  “You {God} have exalted my horn like that of the wild ox.” What is true of the Psalmist can be true of us and this was my first understanding. But the more I read and meditated on the verse, the more unsure I was that this verse was making reference to me. I don’t feel strong and I am certainly not intimidating. I have also given a great deal of thought to the word ‘anointing’ this week. I may be anointed but I do not feel anointed.

I got a great deal of relief when I understood, this verse is a reference to Jesus: He is not only the LAMB who made Himself weak in our behalf: He is the Auroch; the intimidating, incredibly strong and powerful One. No man in his right mind would take on the Auroch. Yes my friend, Jesus is the STRONG ONE, the INTIMIDATING ONE, and the ANOINTED ONE. My strength is in Him. My courage is in Him. My victory is in Him. I will overcome all my enemies both foreign and domestic for One reason, JESUS! He is too big to mess with, amen! He is too strong to conquer. Jesus, not Steve Spurrier, is the ANOINTED ONE. I am sure this is not news to Spurrier. He knows who the Anointed One is and so do you. I give you some hints: it is not Steve, nor is it me and it is not you. So relax and put your faith is Jesus!


Another great weekend and I do praise the LORD for both the worship and the rest. Doug did an out standing job yesterday: he lead the congregation in the Revelation Song. I have never heard them sing like they were singing yesterday. I hope you have a great day and week.

Please remember Shiela Archer: she lost both her father-in-law and husband in one week. It is a crushing blow and Sheila needs our prayers. She is a great lady. I know that because she loves kids. Say a Prayer for Sheila today.

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