The Back Side of Glory


I won’t let you see my face, because anyone who sees my face will die… I will put you in a large crack in the rock. I will cover your eyes with my hand until I have passed by. Then I will take my hand away, and you will see my back. You will not see my face.

~Exodus 33:22-23, CEV


Glory is something marked by brilliance, radiance, splendor, magnificence and beauty in character and appearance.

~Noel Webster

I like the way Exodus 33 begins…“The LORD said to Moses.” This phrase is found 82 times in the book of Exodus alone. The LORD and Moses had a unique relationship; He and Moses meet and talked often. The LORD would speak to Moses face to face, just like a friend. Moses set up a tent away from the other tents: it was a place where he would meet with God. Moses had a better perception of God than most but he actually did not see God face to face. He spoke directly to God but he never saw God’s face. Moses wanted to see God’s face and he asks to see His face. God said to Moses. “I will not allow you to see My face, because anyone who sees My face will die.” The LORD said, “I will show you my back side. You can see My back but you will not see My face.” When I read that yesterday I saw something I had never seen, the Old and New Testament. The Old Testament is God’s backside and the New Testament {Jesus} is God’s face. There is no harm in wanting to see God’s glory. I have this desire and it comes out in my prayers. I want to see God do something that no man can take credit for doing. I want to see the holy, consuming fire of heaven fall and burn up everything in our lives that does not glorify Jesus. I want the flesh totally consumed like a whole burnt offering.

In this life Moses did not get to see God’s face but the Apostles saw it: Jesus is the exact and express image of the Father. Jesus told Philip, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” Moses was a type of ‘priest,’ or a type of Christ our great high priest. Moses interceded for the sinful and wicked Israelites. The LORD was about to destroy the entire nation for their rebellious ways and Moses begged Him to relent, which He did. I’ll bet the Calvinist hate Exodus 32-33 where the scripture says plainly that God changed His mind. According to scripture, Moses influenced God’s will. I have never understood prayer; it is one of the greatest mysteries in the word of God. I’m sure some would have me explain how a sovereign God who knows all, sees all, and controls all could be influenced by finite humans. I can’t explain it. I don’t feel a need to explain it. I live by faith, not by my powers of reason. I’m glad I can explain what God does. He would not be big enough to worship if you could put HIM in my little box of brains.

I tell you what I do understand: JESUS footprints are all over Exodus 32-33. God told Moses: “I am sending you and the Israelites to a land of promise and I will send an angel ahead of you to prepare the way. I would go with you but the Israelites are too rebellious for Me to deal with. If I were to hang out with them for any length of time, I will kill them all.” Jesus is that angel: God sent HIM to prepare the way for us. We are far too sinful to enter the presence of God. The brilliance and splendor of His holiness would surely slay us on the spot. We wouldn’t survive long enough to take another breath. Friend it was Jesus who made it possible for us to come into the Father’s presence. So the next time one of these halo-wearing Calvinist or pseudo-intellectuals tells you that “prayer doesn’t change things, only you.” Tell them to read Exodus 32-33. If it had not been for Moses intercession: God would have wiped out the entire Israelite population. Likewise, had it not been for Jesus, He would wipe us out as well. Thank God for Jesus!

The LORD is good. We finished the JBS at Sardis Springs last night and we give thanks for a good week. Those folks are very good to us. They showered me with gifts and cards last night. I am indebted to so many people. My heart is filled with gratitude for these kind people.

Today, LORD willing will be a travel day. We have a trip to take and it will not be pleasant I’m afraid. We do appreciate your prayer support and we are still praying for a miracle.

God bless you, have a great day.

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