Wishing For Wings


I wish I had wings like a dove, so I could fly far away and be at peace.

~Psalm 55:6, CEV


Is avoiding adversity paramount to avoiding life?


Job’s wife, whatever her name, was a piece of work. She encouraged Job to escape his adversity by committing suicide spiritually and physically. I like his answer: “Shut up woman, you talk like a fool. You never complained when God was blessing us. Don’t you realize that we must accept the bad times as well as the good.” I’ve said before, this woman must have been drop dead gorgeous because she had no character. If any man had a right to kick a woman out, it was Job. She was probably very attractive physically because her daughters were. Job was right, life deals us both good and bad. I told June on the way back from Gerald’s celebration of life service which was sad in itself that it would be a good day for us to have the wings like a dove and fly away so we could be at rest. The LORD knows, we haven’t had much rest lately. Before we can process the bad news, we get more bad news. We have a problem that money can’t fix, not that we have all that much money. We would be willing to invest a lot more but it is not the solution; it only prolonged the inevitable. I am a typical father. I don’t want to hear all the sorted details of my children’s lives. I want to hear the good but I had just as soon not hear about the negative. The downside of this philosophy is…By the time they convince me to listen, things are pretty much out of hand.

So, we have a problem we can’t fix. We have a problem we cannot escape. A husband can divorce a wife or vice versa but a parent cannot divorce a child. Why would I make myself so vulnerable? Two reasons: [1] The first one is very selfish: we have hard decisions to make and we need all the prayer we can get. [2] We are not the only ones going through a tough time. I’m not just talking about drugs although it is a major problem. We know people who have children and grand children in St. Judes and other places. The last thing I would want to convey is that the Bailey’s demand you attention because we have a problem: a lot of families have problems and trust me, they have our sympathy and prayers. My problem may not have come to this had I dealt with it firmly some years ago. It all goes back to my tendency to avoid reality. My wife and kids here it from me a lot: “I don’t want to hear it.” So although I don’t have the wings of a dove, I still attempt to fly away from the problem. This time I am in a straight: there are walls on every side and very few options that I can see. I am praying for wisdom.

I thought I posted this blog Tuesday but evidently, I forgot to hit the button. I got some texts the next day that caused me to doubt and I checked: sure enough, I had not posted the blog. It came from the heart so I am going to post it. Not much has changed if anything. We still need divine intervention. No hope without it if you get my drift.

If you are under blue skies, enjoy them: there is nothing wrong with the good times and there is nothing wrong with you have a good time while we having a bad one. Don’t waste the blue skies, enjoy them. We are trying not to waste our sorrows. Either way folks, we need to be good stewards. Have a great day and a great week. As Junior Hill says, “Jesus loves you and there is nothing you can do about it.”

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