The City of God


Abraham was confidently looking forward to a city with eternal foundations, a city designed and built by God.

~Hebrews 11:10, NLT


Our contemporaries aspire to build a universal society of men, a one world government of peace and prosperity without Christ.

~Etienne Gilson

Visigoth general Alaric in the summer of 410, besieged Rome for the third time. Allies within the capital opened the gates for him on August 24, and for three days his troops occupied the city, which had not been captured by a foreign enemy for nearly 800 years. Although the Visigoths plundered Rome, they did show mercy to those who sought sanctuary in Saint Peter’s basilica and one other church. They burned a few building and then moved south. As soon as the invaders were gone, the Romans blamed the Christians for the fall and destruction of Rome. The empire was build on a system of justice and virtue. Without virtue, there can be no justice. Law and order was the strength of the empire. Augustine wrote the CITY OF GOD as an apologetic work in defense of Christianity. Augustine believed there are two cities, by this he means to groups of people, the city of God {Christians} and the city of the world. Rome fell because Rome ceased to be Rome. Decadence and corruption caused the destruction of the empire, not Christians. Of course Rome became more immoral over time but the empire was never able to make good on their promise of true justice for all. Both the trial of Jesus and Paul highlight the corruption of the Roman legal system. Although both Jesus and Paul were innocent, both were found guilty and executed.

Augustine felt confident that the world can never produce a city where justice is pure and there is no corruption. The city Abraham was looking for is not here on earth. There are only two groups of people on earth and all are citizens of one of two cities: the city of the world and the city of God. One is holy and the other is unholy. One takes heed to the commonwealth of its citizens but the other reduces its citizen to fodder to be consumed by those who through pride and lust, yearn to rule and dominate. One is subject to God, the other pretends to be God. One is divisive and quarrelsome; even tempestuous, the other is peaceful. One loves the truth and the other loves the lie. One loves its neighbor; the other is self-seeking. One seeks to serve his neighbor; the other seeks to lord over his neighbor. One directs it efforts to the neighbor’s good; the other seeks its own. One city is living in subjection to the Savior and the other is living in rebellion. The patriarchal heads of the two cities are Cain and Abel. Cain is the father of self-will. Abel heads the line of those who confess their sin and submit to the Savior.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is some good stuff and when I read it I could not help but think of the USA. Long live the Republic but without revival and a return to the virtues that God blessed so wonderfully, we like Rome will fall due to decadence and corruption.


No one knows what a day will produce. I posted the blog on Friday and then had a wonderful quiet time. June and I drove to Cullman and then we went to Hannah’s for a short visit; it was there that I got the call from Athens that my sister June Daphney had been killed in a single car accident. Needless to say, it has broken our heart and routine. Visitation is today at Sardis Springs on 251 North of Athens. The COLS is tomorrow at Sardis Springs at 3:00. Datchie, as we called her, played the organ at church, she also taught art. Her greatest talent was cooking but she never took that as a compliment. She made fantastic home made rolls. She was an Elvis fan and had a collection of all his records. I have no idea what they are worth but she has ten or twelve LP albums. Like most Bailey’s she loved to drive and go out to eat. She and my uncle Billy were going out to eat when the wreck occurred. Datchie was a avid record keeper and a planner; she had a notebook giving details about her service. She was 87 this past Wednesday. She wanted someone to carry her to eat for her birthday but we were all busy so she carried herself. Hind sight is 20/20. I wish now I had went up and carried her out. I was totally shocked and never expected this day. I thought she would live to be a 102 like our grandmother.

I want to thank Sardis Springs for postponing the January Bible Study that was scheduled to begin last night. I think they made a wise decision. The next two days will be dedicated to my sister. LORD willing, I will be in Athens both days.

Don’t forget to pray for our cancer warriors.

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