The Conspiracy


Why are the nations {unbelievers] so angry? Why do they waste their time with futile plans? The kings {political leaders} prepare for battle; and the rulers {power brokers} plot together against the LORD and against His Anointed {Christ}.

~Psalm 2:1-2, NLT


God has conspired to overcome evil with good in human history via the process–not instantly.

~Dallas Willard

To give validity to all conspiracy theories would be unwise but to deny the fact that conspiracies happen is foolish. Webster defines a “conspiracy” as a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. Psalm two makes it clear that the world {system} has conspired against Christ. Jesus crucifixion was not random: it was a result of a diabolical conspiracy orchestrated by the most powerful men in Jerusalem. The fact that Paul had to deal with riots everywhere he went was not random, a group of Christ-hating Jews were dogging his steps and they were orchestrating the riots. The riots were not random, riots or seldom random. The world system is set against Christ: they have rejected Him as their King. Again, this is not hearsay, it is fact. There were far too many coincidences in the last election for there not to have been foul play. I’ve been giving it a lot of thought: the reality of the conspiracy no longer the big question. The question is–who is behind the conspiracy?

I am convinced that Biden and Harris are not the threat. I think they are pawns on someone else chess board. We all questioned why the dems would run Biden with all of his problems. Biden will never make a decision. Biden is another Doug Jones on a higher level: he will be told what to do and he will do what he is told. We all know that there is a bureaucratic government within the government but I fear there is something worse. I think there is a cabal, call it the Washington mafia; call it what you like but they are powerful people. John Roberts has become a joke. If he used the kind of language reported on Lin Wood’s tweet, he should be removed from office for being incompetent. Imagine any judge using that kind of language in any discussion with anyone. But that is just one problem: the man is scared to death and you can see it in his eyes. He is afraid to do the right thing. The dupes who voted for Biden think they put him in office. Bless their ignorant hearts, they are wrong again. Whoever the power brokers are; they control all four major media outlets, congress, the Supreme Court, the CIA, the FBI and only God knows what else. We know one thing for sure: TRUMP never got any help from any of them, not even the Justice department.

The whole thing would be frightening except for the fact that God is laughing at themThe ONE who rules in heaven laughs. The LORD scoffs [makes fun] at them. [Psalm 2:4] Poor fools, they can’t win. God is using them just like He used the wicked Sadducees. It was God’s intention that Jesus die on the cross, they played right into His hands. We use words like big and small, difficult and easy, possible and impossible but none of these words are in God’s vocabulary. There is no big or small to God, no difficult or easy and no possible or impossible. Jesus said, All things are possible with God.” This means there is no impossible with God, only possible. Jesus raised the dead with a word. How hard is it for you to speak a word? Not hard at all; you don’t even work up a sweat. Messengers came from Jarius house to stop Jesus, there was no need in Him coming they said, “the girl is dead.” I can just see a big smile of Jesus face as He thinks…“good, I will get to show these unbelievers a thing or two.”

You may as well get use to it believers; this world does not believe in the Jesus you and I love and trust; yet, ironically, they hate Him. Of course this means, they are not fond of His followers. Get prepared flock, they are coming after us.

Winter, they say, begins Monday. It will be the shortest day of the year sunshine wise. The last couple of weeks have been like winter to me. These old bones can’t take the cold weather like they once could. June text Cindy last night about Craig and she said there was nothing new and TO KEEP PRAYING. Craig Tyson is on the vent but I do not know which hospital. I think M.D. is still having a difficult time and I am sure that means real difficulty for Margaret. I’m going to try to check on them today.

Our world is changing and I am rearranging. I like traditions, they seem to give us stability but I reckon I am at the age where everything changes. Covid-19 is partly responsible. This will be the first Christmas in a long time that I have no visited the Parkway City Mall in Huntsville. I love that mall. June and I went through Huntsville yesterday and stopped at SAMS. The traffic was thick. We also came back through Decatur and the traffic there was horrible. June said, “For everyone to be shopping online, there sure is a lot of traffic.” I think everyone or at least a lot of folks are sticking with tradition. A good friend called me last week and asks if I knew any children that his wife could shop for, he said, “she loves doing this sort of thing.” I don’t think she is alone. I know Chloe Bug {a little woman} loves shopping in person rather than online. I know one thing, June and I spent a lot of money yesterday that is definitely December/Christmas money. We visited the candy store on 6th avenue in Decatur and they had a dozen women working in the shop, cooking, wrapping and cutting candy. One thing has not changed: I don’t like traffic but I love CHRISTMAS because I love Jesus.

I hope you have a great weekend and don’t lay out of church tomorrow. Grace Point Drive-in Worship at 9:00 am and worship celebration in the Sanctuary at DBC at 10:15.

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