The Heart Of The Problem


For out of the heart come evil ideas, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.

~Matthew 15:19, NET


“It is both ironic and sad that CSJ’s attack on the Gospel is so clear that an atheist can see it, yet many ministers have fallen prey to this movement.” 

~Voddie Baucham {Fault Lines}

I am not an engineer or a contractor but I can tell you that no building is any better than its foundation. If you don’t get the foundation right there will be problems eventually. An old friend of mine, who dabbled in real estate, came by my office and wanted to carry me to lunch. After lunch, he wanted to show me some of his properties and among them was a house with a faulty foundation. He said, “Preacher, I will sale this house to you at a discount because I know you can fix the foundation.” I had to respectfully decline because foundations are not easy to fix: it is better to get it right the first time.

The Social Justice movement is not what it seems. Like Baucham, I am amazed at the number of prominent preachers who have swallowed the SJM hook, line and sinker. These people are either false prophets or else they have been duped. One way or the other, they are building on a fault line and when the quake comes, there is going to be untold damage. Platt may be experiencing some of this fallout right now. One of the major fallacies of the SJM is their redefinition of sin. In the SJM, sin is racism, sexism and hegemony {white supremacy}. Abortion is not a sin in their dictionary and it is amazing how these so called Christian leaders have gone soft on abortion. No one in the SJM is pro-life: not Platt, Lucado, Keller, Piper or any of the others. Some of them took a different view before they got sucked into the SJM.

Scripture teaches that child sacrifice {abortion} is abhorrent to God. There is no way I would listen to a man preach who does not believe in the sanctity of human life or the right to life of the unborn. This is foundational: if you get abortion wrong, nothing you do is going to be right. You are building on a fault line. This is why Piper, Platt and Moore have come out against single issue voters. They know it is a reference to pro-lifer’s like myself. They say things like, I am pro-life but…. No my friend you are either pro-life or you are not; there is no BUT.

The essence of sin is our attempt to displace or replace God. Eve’s rebellion was encouraged by the serpent who told her that if she ate the fruit, she would become lie God. In our pride, we attempt to become god; we reject His word and we do things our way. The problem is our fall. When Adam and Eve rebelled, they fell and there was a bad concussion as a result to their fall. They became cursed and they passed this curse along to their children. The curse is sin and death. Our hearts are depraved. We are born vain and selfish. We are capable of doing good things but we never do them for the right reasons. The only righteousness we are capable of producing is self-righteous and it is a stench in the nostril of holy God. The SJM denies the fact of original sin or that it is universal. The original sin in the SJM is racism and it is a white man’s curse. The only sinners are white folks. This is not what scripture teaches: all have sinned; Jew, Gentile, white or people of color.

These folks, who profess to be Christians, have boarded the wrong train. This is the theme of Baucham’s book Fault Lines. Once you board their train, you are going to their destination unless you work up the courage to jump off. Perhaps it is pride that keeps them on the train but so far, I know of none who have jumped. My advice is to stay off the train.


Well, PTL, we are off to a better start today. No wasp stings so far. Have a great Saturday and we will be back online Monday LORD willing. Thanks for reading the blog.

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