The Magician


A man named Simon lived in the city. For quite a while he had practiced evil magic there. He amazed all the people of Samaria. He claimed to be someone great.

~Acts 8:9, NIrV


Knowledge {of Christ} is power.

~Sir Francis Bacon

Simon became a convert and follower of Philip the evangelist. When revival broke out in Samaria, Peter and John came to check it out. They laid hands on Philip’s new converts and they were filled with the Spirit of Holiness, when Simon saw this, he coveted their power to confer such a blessing by the laying on of hands. Simon said, “Give me this power,” and he offered Peter money. Peter gave Simon a tongue lashing. I am not sure that Peter was justified in his actions. I am not convinced that Simon had not been converted: I think his decision was real. It is not unusual for new converts to misunderstand or misinterpret God’s will. Obviously, Simon coveted the Apostles power for the wrong reasons but I have made the same mistake. I have asked God many times to make me a “powerful witness,” and a “powerful preacher.” Of course, He has done neither and for good reason. We are not to covet “power” because that is always motivated by our vanity. We are to covet HIM. I don’t need more power, I need more Jesus.

I think Peter was a little hard on Simon. I really like Simon’s response, he begged Peter to pray for him, to intercede in his behalf. Unfortunately, we don’t know the rest of the story. The next verse says, “Peter and John continued to preach.” I sure hope Peter stopped and prayed for Simon. There is an important lesson to be learned here: when someone asks for prayer, stop right then and pray for them–its the perfect time. Just minutes before a COLS, I asked a preacher friend to pray for me. He said, “Let me do it right now,” and I gladly obliged. The room was filled with people but I didn’t care: he laid hands on my shoulder and prayed in my ear. I appreciated his prayer. All believers have a PRAYER MINISTRY. When a friend asked for prayer, stop and pray right there. I have even written prayers and text them to friends who asked for prayer. Don’t take it lightly when someone asks for prayer.


  1. Don’t covet ‘power’, covet JESUS.
  2. Don’t be to hard on new converts: don’t expect them to know what you know.
  3. Don’t neglect your ministry of prayer.


Had lunch with Brent Mitchell. Talked to two Jacks, Redfearn and Freeman. Watched a movie with Seth after getting home from work. Probably “Dancing With Wolves” or “Crossfire Trail.”

I am afraid that winter will return any day and it will be a hard adjustment. I don’t remember having weather like this is January. Last ten days has been wonderful. Hope to finish trim on our office complex today. June is in the process of moving books. I had no idea I had so many books.

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