Don’t Look Back


“Why are you men doing this? We are only human, just like you. We are bringing you good news. Turn away from these worthless things. Turn to the living God. He is the one who made the heavens and the earth and the sea. He made everything in them”.

~Acts 14:15, NIrV


The key to success is not knowing the future but knowing HIM who holds the future in His gracious hand.


Repentance simply stated is turning from sin and turning to Christ. Paul begged the citizens of Lystra to turn from worthless idols to the living God. Full repentance is turning from something and to something; turning from something worthless and wicked to something wonderful and good.

I’m in the process of moving my books and documents. I have a lot that needs to be discarded but I generally read something before I decide to trash it. Today I picked up a notebook that had blog sparks and this one comes from December 31, 2003. I don’t know if I posted it or not.

As we think about Jesus leading us into a new year, the key is not in knowing what will happen but in placing our hand in the gentle hand of the Good Shepherd and following Him. Jesus is doing more than leading us into a new year–He is taking us home. The new year is just another mile marker on the road to glory. I spoke with a young man a few days ago who had recently been saved. I was making a hospital visit at the request of a friend of his and while I was there, I noticed a very long scar on his leg. I asked how he received the injury. He said, “In a bar brawl. I used to be a wicked man Bro. Jack but I have turned my back on that kind of living and I have no desire to go back.” What a testimony: “No desire to go back.” I’ve never been in a bar fight but I have no desire to go back. I’ve not had a hard life, God has been more than gracious to me but I have no desire to go back. If you follow Jesus your life has purpose and direction. You are going somewhere and when you reach that final destination, you will have no desire to go back.

This Day in 2000

I left for Washington DC on the 23, spent the night with Terri and Larry. Day began early on January 24, 2000. Larry dropped me off at a Metro station South of Baltimore and I attended the MARCH FOR LIFE in D.C. Then caught the AmTrack Train back to Baltimore and BWI. Flew back to Birmingham in the evening and was at home by 9:00 pm. I went by myself. I guess it is the only Pro-Life March I have attended alone. By the way, the 23rd was on a Sunday and Keith Blackwood preached for me so I could leave for DC on a Sunday evening.

Good news! Got all my trim up in our Office, now all I like is a few odds and ends. I am almost a month behind schedule but thrilled to get this project completed. I lack my bathroom fixtures and running my cable and internet wire. I may as well tell you: I was a laughing stock yesterday. First my phone begins playing music while Mike Mason is preaching [at pastors conference] then five minutes later, my car alarm goes off and I am parked right at the door. My key bumped against the folding chair. This time, Mike called a time out and they all had a good laugh at my expense. It may be the LORD’s way of telling me to stay at home.

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