The Perfect King


Give the king your justice, O God, and your righteousness to a king’s son. May he judge your people with righteousness, and your poor with justice.
~Psalm 72:1-2, NRSV


Pharaohs, Caesars, Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, Charlemagne, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin: what do they have in common–They are relics of a fading history. They were and are no more but Jesus is forever the same.
Believe it or not, Psalm 72 is not quoted in the N.T. in reference to Jesus but it has the Messiah’s name written all over it. Every time I read a Psalm, I look for Jesus and He is not hard to find in Psalm 72. Some attribute this Psalm to Solomon but Warren Wiersbe believes that David wrote it in reference to Solomon. No doubt David was proud of his promising young son but this Psalm is not about Solomon. I am not saying that David did not have Solomon in mind, I am saying that God who inspired David did not have Solomon in mind. David is praying for a perfect king and we all know it was not his son Solomon. Note the characteristics of the coming King:
  1. He will be a righteous King. His righteousness will be divine…Give the king your justice, O God, and Your righteousness to a king’s son.[v.1] Solomon did not have God’s righteousness, Jesus did!
  2. He will defend the cause of the poor and give deliverance to the needy. [v.4, 13,14] Solomon oppressed the poor and put heavy taxes on the people.
  3. He will have an eternal Kingdom. [v.5] He will outlast the sun. Only Jesus can fulfill this Psalm.
  4. He will have the power to refresh the earth by making it rain. [v.6] Solomon couldn’t make it rain.
  5. He will have universal dominion. [v.8] From sea to shining sea.
  6. He will be a KING of kings. [v.9-12] Kings will bow down to him.
  7. He will have the power to bless the crops. [v.15-16]
  8. His name will endure forever and his fame as long as the sun. [v.17]
  9. He will bless all nations on the earth. [v.18]
  10. His glory will fill the whole earth. [v.19]

Look at the list: Solomon could do none of these things and Jesus can do them all. The one that stood out with me has to do with the RIGHTEOUS KING’S attitude toward people….

May he defend the cause of the poor of the people, give deliverance to the needy, and crush the oppressor. For he delivers the needy when they call, the poor and those who have no helper.  He has pity on the weak and the needy, and saves the lives of the needyFrom oppression and violence he redeems their life; and precious is their blood in his sight. [v.4,12-14]

Let’s face it, David was much more of people person than Solomon. Although Solomon got off to a good start, he became narcissistic with age and in the end his love was for wisdom, wine and women. He cared absolutely nothing about the poor. For a king to be a good king, he must love his subjects to the point that he would give his life for them. Solomon sacrificed people like sheep in order to build his palaces so he could live in luxury. He was light years away from Jesus who gave His precious blood for a world of lost sinners.

I went home convicted from the Block Party. I walked down to my burn pile and there were four women smoking behind the storage container. I didn’t say anything to them but they probably saw the condescension on my face. They finished their smokes and walked back to the pavilion. That’s when I heard the still small voice whisper. There was your Samaritan woman and you blew it, again. Jesus would have at least spoke to those women. The greatest area of conviction in my life is in regard to my attitude toward people. Life consists of two things: Loving Jesus with all your heart and loving your neighbor as much as you love yourself. I have a long way to go and a short time to get there. My greatest need is to love Jesus more by loving those He loves.

As we move closer to Christ in our knowledge of Him, He grows in statue and majesty, at least from our perspective. It’s like two mountain peaks, one near and one is the distance. Standing by the one near, it looms large and intimidating but as we move away from the first and toward the second, the first peak become smaller and smaller while the peak in the distance become larger and larger. The closer we get to the second, the more we realize that it is infinitely greater than the first. It is so high we can’t see the top for it pierces the clouds. As we turn and look back, the peak that we once thought was huge is like a tiny mole hill. Solomon, Alexander the Great, the Pharaohs, etc. are the mole hills, Jesus is the mountain that pierces the clouds. The closer we get, the greater He becomes. Eventually, we will be so awed by His majesty that nothing else will be able to capture our attention.

Jesus Shall Reign

Issac Watts

Jesus shall reign where’er the sun
Does his successive journeys run,
His kingdom stretch from shore to shore
Till moons shall wax and wane no more.

For Him shall endless prayer be made,
And endless praises crown His head;
His name, like sweet perfume, shall rise
With ev’ry morning sacrifice.

People and realms of ev’ry tongue
Dwell on His love with sweetest song;
And infant voices shall proclaim
Their early blessings on His name.

Blessings abound where‘er He reigns;
The pris’ner leaps, unloosed his chains,
The weary find eternal rest,
And all the sons of want are blest.

Where He displays His healing power,
Death and the curse are known no more;
In Him the tribes of Adam boast
More blessings than their father lost.

Let every creature rise and bring
Peculiar honors to our King;
Angels descend with songs again,
And earth repeat the loud Amen.

  • I want to commend the member of DBC for two things: First is your love offering to Mike Mason yesterday. You are good to preachers and God will bless you for it. I am so proud of you. The second is the BLOCK PARTY. Did you notice the size of the WORKERS MEETING crowd Saturday evening: I am sure it was over 200. I am thankful and proud. I commend you on your effort at the BP: I saw nothing but good behavior on your part. We have a great leader and great team leaders and we need to appreciate them. Susan’s job is hard and you can add Joe’s team and Jeff’s to the mix. Thomas helped cook and then spent 3 hours cooking funnel cakes. That is 6 hours of intense heat. There would be no way we could pull something off like this without good workers and you guys did a great job. It’s also a huge blessing to have Phillip take care of the lights.
  • A lot of folks help us with the BP. If you get a chance, visit these sponsors and give them some business. Co-op in Decatur [Troughs for drinks]. Corum’s Building Center [Gates]. Joe David mentioned the others on stage Saturday night: HOLLADAY INN SOUTH on 157 with Gregg Holladay manager. Family Dentistry of Hartselle. Doc Holladay is slick. She can give you a shot and you don’t even feel it. Of course Willard of Garnett Lawn and Equipment is a big supporter and Hembree Machine shop of Decatur. The fireworks show was spectacular. Ronald and Matt put on a grand show. Thank You Ronald and A-1 Backhoe. I want to thank my LCBS class for sponsoring the GRAND PRIZE. We are shooting for a 70 inch next year for the stage and a 50 inch for the workers.
  • We had a good turnout last night at the Elementary School. I got to pray with two of our teachers. Janet filled in for the principle and did a good job.

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