The Plain Truth


The truth about God is plain to them. God has made it plain.

~Romans 1:19, NIrV


There is within the human mind, and indeed by natural instinct, an awareness of God.

~John Calvin

You know there is a God, you have always known and no matter how much pressure our secular culture puts on us to disbelieve, we believe. Michael Wittmer says in his book Despite Doubt, “Deep down everyone believes in God, even outspoken atheists who say they do not.” C.S. Lewis lost his mother to cancer at age 8 and then his father sent him to a boarding school ran by an atheist and a homosexual. By the time Lewis was 20, he had decided for himself that there was no God but being an intellectual, he was determine to prove that God does not exist. He began an intense study of scripture and was converted during the process. I dare you to try to prove that God does not exist. Lewis said, “I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen. Not only because I see it but by it I see everything else.” Notice, if you will, the anger and rage in an atheist as they lash out against the very One they are denying. Christopher Hitchens, an devout atheist was debating with Doug Wilson: Hitchens said, “Christianity has inflicted more evil on the world than any other religion. It was Christians who inspired the Crusades, slavery and Antisemitism.” I had an unbeliever tell me the same things a decade or so ago.

Wilson reply to Hitchens was a question: “Where did you come up with the idea of evil?” The problem is not an absence of faith or truth in which to believe. The problem is evil. The fall left man with a bent toward evil. Jesus said, “Men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil.” God is holy. I don’t believe He is holy, I know He is holy and as Paul said, It is against His holiness that people do all these godless and evil things. They are so evil that they say no to the truth.” So the problem is not that the world does not know God but as Paul says, Even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations and their foolish heart was darkened. So the problem is not a lack of evidence or the inability for man to believe in God; it is our evil and rebellious ways. We don’t want God telling us what to do. We reject HIM as our primary and preeminent authority.

Had Hitchens been an honest atheist, he could have done a little research and discovered that most hospitals in the world were founded by Christians: the same is true of orphanages and ministries of mercy. Without Christianity there would be no SALVATION ARMY, Samaritan Purse, World Vision International just to mention a few. Furthermore, who supports these missions of mercy? World Vision found out in a hurry when they came out with their support of gays. Christians out give all other groups and not by a close margin. Not to mention CHRISTMAS, the biggest holiday in the world. Do you think all the merchants want to do away with Christmas. Unbelievers don’t see the facts because they are walking in darkness. They are walking in darkness because they have rejected the truth.


I have a new job {Part time} and a new boss. So far, so good. Yesterday, he moved me from one job to another with a simple phone call. I didn’t question his decision or argue with his logic because he is the boss. I did what he said and I followed his instructions. I have worked secular jobs before and I know that things work much better when you recognize authority. These folks who know more than their boss can get you and themselves is trouble. It is a human problem–we resent being told what to do–even by God. Trying honoring your boss today and see if things don’t go better for everyone.

One other note: the SEC appears to be snake bit. I sure hope Joe David, Ty and I have a nice ride home from Atlanta. It is just a game, right!


Lord, show me your ways. Teach me how to follow you. Guide me in your truth. Teach me. You are God my Savior. I put my hope in you all day long.
{Psalms 25:4-5, NIrV}

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