The Renaissance Man


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

~Genesis 1:1, HCSB


Beginning from man alone, Renaissance humanism–and humanism ever since–has found no way to arrive at absolutes which give meaning to existence and morals.

~Francis Schaeffer

A Roman Catholic by the name of Thomas Aquinas came up with an heretical idea. He taught that man’s fall in the garden was not complete; the fall only affected man’s will but not his intellect. He was a student of Aristotle and tried to synchronize Christianity with Aristotles philosophy. At first it did not appear to be that harmful. The problem he raised is often referred to as the nature-verses-grace problem.

GRACE, the higher: God the Creator; heaven, heavenly things, the unseen, universals or absolutes which give existence and morals meaning.

NATURE, the lower; the created, earth and earthly things, things that are seen, what man accomplishes on earth, diversity, individual things, particulars or the individual acts of man.

There is an immediate problem: you can not mix anything with grace and if you do, you no longer have grace. It is totally impossible to synchronize grace with works or any form of humanism. Aquinas thought he could maintain a balance but quickly his teaching led to the birth of Renaissance humanism and it gradually evolved into pure humanism where man becomes the center and God does not exist. The so-called enlightenment was just another revival of humanism which has evolved into the secular humanism that we face today. It is the belief of that man is his own measure, that man is autonomous and totally independent. Michelangelo became a believer and propagator. One of his statues depicts men tearing themselves out of rock. Humanism believes that man will make himself great. Man will tear himself from nature {rock} and will subdue or rule nature itself. You see this very element in communism where man by collectivization comes up with cures for all diseases, solves all the economic and cultural problems.

Michelangelo influenced the great Leonardo da Vinci, a man who was a genius. He was a chemist, musician, architect, anatomist, botanist, mechanical engineer and artist: he was the embodiment of the RENAISSANCE MAN. A man who could do everything. Leonardo was a brilliant man and a man of integrity and toward the end of his life saw the end of humanism. Humanism is a dead end street that leads to cynicism and pessimism. Humanism does not work. It has never worked. We must begin with the beginning and that is Genesis 1:1, In the beginning, GOD created the heavens and the earth.

In order to teach a corrupted grace, the Catholic Church abandoned the authority of Scripture replacing God’s authority via His word with the authority of the Pope and the church. Jesus must be at the center of you life and theology. Your focus must be on HIM. The salvation you celebrate is what He did for you and not what you can do for HIM. It is all Grace, all God and He gets all the glory.


Seeing is believing in this case and if you didn’t see it, you will not believe it. Holly organized a HOMECOMING parade for DHS and hundreds turned out. I think it was the biggest thing that has ever hit Danville. There were some unbelievable floats and the parade was a half mile long. We had one home coming parade at Athens when I was in the 10th grade and that is the last one they had {1965}. Trust, this parade was bigger and better. Big Mama and I got there at 6:00 thinking we were early and the DBC campus looked like an ant hill. Hundreds of people shopping at the vendors the food trucks. You think I am kidding but I tell you, “You would have to see it to believe it.” The crowd talked Holly into running for Mayor of Danville. There is only one problem, Danville is not incorporated. Hugh and I looked into it years ago but it would cost quite a sum to do all the surveying. Of course Holly had Jennifer and Eddie on her team–smart move Holly.

DHS varsity girls are MORGAN COUNTY CHAMPIONS. Danville doesn’t get to celebrate much success in sports but the one thing we excel in is girls volley ball so we have to make the most of it. I am not talking about 3-A champs, we beat all the big schools. Congratulations DHS girls. By the way, coach Furguson is one of the best things that has happened to DHS. She personifies school spirit and enthusiasm and she knows how to lead a pep rally.

Preparing for REVIVAL at Grassy Baptist Church {Lexington, AL} this Sunday morning and for the FISH FRY Sunday night at the POINT. We are going to eat around 5:00 pm if you want to come and join us. No rain in the forecast to this point so we are preceding as planned.

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